Window of consciousness

We’ve had wonderfully warm weather. Perhaps like me, you have kept your windows wide open to catch whatever breeze might be in the air. When the window is wide open my view is bigger, I can see further. But this morning is a little bit cool and so I have pulled in the window a little bit. I notice more what’s right in front of the window; the flowers, the bird sitting on the tree whose branches are close by. It makes me think about the consciousness.

When I open my window of consciousness very wide, I am really using that quality of the consciousness to expand so that I am better able to see the big picture. For example I can see how one of my thoughts can impact my experience of my day and how that experience will ripple through in every interaction I have with family, friends, coworkers and that wave will spread out into the community and into my world.

I use the capacity to pull in my window of consciousness when I want to learn something, I concentrate my attention. I use this quality when I focus my attention on my body, breath, when I am managing my mind and emotions.

Today I want to observe my window of consciousness to better understand how I can use this quality to see from a very broad point of view and when I narrow my focus. I will use the physical windows around me to remind me of this intention.



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