Adventures in consciousness

Life is so unpredictable. I’ve had a very eventful time since I last posted! It started off with saying to myself, “How can I understand better that life is an event in the consciousness?” You can guess what happened next, right? It seemed as if there were challenges galore in every sphere; physical, mental and emotional!

It took a lot of self-discipline to continue to put aside some moments to consider how these situations could help me to go deeper in understanding my nature as consciousness. I had to use a lot of self talk. I reminded myself to look at the challenges my body was facing from the vast space of who I am. Once I started to do that many new ideas stated to flow. New sources of information for how to treat with my situation popped out for me and as I got engaged with the new, almost without my noticing my body started to feel better.

Then I wondered if I could use the same approach for my emotional challenge. I found my disturbed emotions did not allow me to use my intellect to sort through the situation. I could see that the type of thoughts were unhealthy but it was so difficult to change them. Then I remembered a strategy I had tried successfully before. I decided to stop putting so much forceful energy into trying to change the situation. I decided to become interested in what was happening with me, to see it as an experience in the consciousness, just like I would become interested if I were site seeing while on vacation. I marveled at the power of these emotions. No matter how interesting something is, it is always changing so I told myself to notice all I can, while I have the opportunity to do so. I noticed how planetary movements change, how nature is ever changing and I am part of that ever changing nature too. Hold on a minute! Only the external experiences change, there is a part of me that is unchanging and that’s my real nature.

This week I was also feeling stressed because I felt I could not use my intellect the way I once could; to recall, to process, to articulate, to deal with day to day situations. Before this I had been consciously using my right brain more, to be more creative, more intuitive. Now I felt lost not being able to access my left brain when I needed to. Then I got a good tip from a friend. He said to take one idea and see how far that idea will take you.

That’s when I remembered that the roller coaster started from striving to better understand how consciousness could be the unchanging foundation of existence. I started to look at my experiences from that perspective. The processing of what was happening with me became lots easier.

I feel so much more stable now, so much so that I noticed in writing this out I didn’t mention any of the stories, the details of what my challenges were. It’s as if the stories have become vague in my mind. The lessons are so sharply in focus that they capture my attention. I feel like I just came back from an adventure :).

I hope you enjoy the events happening in your consciousness today.


4 Responses to Adventures in consciousness

  1. Henk says:

    Namaskar Madhavi and all,

    Seeing events as adventures instead of war or misfortunes brings a different perspective. On an adventure I imagine to have tools or resources, to have friends along the way to help, to have an enjoyable time, to do what is necessary.

    Thank you Madhavi and Gauri for providing/reminding the tools. Staying self disciplined with what is.

    Thank you and with love, Henk

  2. Dauri says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    Really interesting, inspiring and instructive what you share with us here! It is nice to see what tools you have been using in this process:
    * self discipline and will power
    * power of intention –> to look (at the body) from the vast space of Who I am
    * not putting so much energy in trying to change the situation, but to stay with what is, exploring it with curiosity, opening up the consciousness to see more.
    * Points 2 and 3 lead you to becoming the observer, being able to look objectively, which results in getting less involved in the challenges.
    * Replacing frustration by acceptance; not focussing on lack of power to use your intellect, but picking out one idea and see how it can work for you (=positive approach instead of flow of negativity)
    * the result of the whole process being that you got more stably centred in the “hub”, experiencing it as the unchanging foundation of your existence, so much so that the details of the story really do not matter anymore.
    Marvellous! Wonderful process! It is so nice when we can meet the challenges of life as enjoyable events, happening in our consciousness!
    I will do my best to imprint it in my being, to keep it in mind so that I can use it in any moment.
    thanks! Much love always, hugs too,


    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Namaskar Gauri

      I have been reading your comment over and over again. It’s so useful! You see I wanted to pull back from the experiences to better understand the lessons. Your post summarizes it perfectly.

      Thank you so much! madhavi

      • Gauri says:

        Nice co-creation! Fun and also useful
        We really are like sisters…

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