Personal Responsibility – My Magical “Open Sesame”

I need to continue to limber up my writing muscle so I thought I would post again today.

One of the things that stayed with me from the retreat was when we were chanting the refrain “I am that I am”. It was another way of reminding ourselves of who we are, that we are indescribable Consciousness. At the end of the chant Sri Vasudeva described it  as taking personal responsibility. That was a revelation to me. This was a big theme running through the retreat.

I’ve noticed it’s one thing to attend a retreat where wonderful spiritual principles were shared, where I totally enjoy the uplifting atmosphere, then comes the stage of taking all of that into my world, to make the teachings my own. What happens to all those teachings when I’m feeling challenged? I find when I’m contracted I can’t remember any of the teachings, I become frustrated and I start to act out from that negative space, all the while trying to convince myself that it’s someone else or something else that is responsible for the situation, and I am justified in my behavior! I catch myself rationalizing bad attitudes. I hear in my self talk all kinds of reasons why I can continue in this train of thinking, laying blame outside of myself for my situation.

What do I do to break out of that cycle? I think the stress of the challenging situation then starts to wake me up. I start to search for ways to find relief, to come into a better space. I might vaguely remember something from the retreat and that kick starts the movement into a more expansive space. The more I take charge of the process, the more I begin to see where my power lies, that I have infinite love, peace and goodness, that I have access to the Source of all, that in this situation I am being called to be an instrument of Light, then I begin to be propelled into a beautiful space inside.

I often seek  support of those who are stronger in the Light and in the process observe myself. One of the traps I can fall into when I am seeking support from another is to listen with a closed mind. When I’m doing that inside I’m saying, “Yes but here is why I don’t have to change.” This can hijack the process. It is not really honoring, or taking the hand of Grace that is being offered.

I really am so glad to remember that personal responsibility can be an exciting feature in my life, that it can be the key to opening doors to me, it can be my magical “open sesame” whenever I’m challenged. Today I am going to look at my experiences through the lens of taking more personal responsibility to see how I can explore more in this marvelous adventure of consciousness evolution. I will take solace that once I begin to make small steps, that I am building momentum and I will be carried by that infinite field of support that is available to all.


4 Responses to Personal Responsibility – My Magical “Open Sesame”

  1. kay marshall says:

    You write so beautifully and your message is always truly inspiring. I love to read your blog.


    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Thank you so much Kay. I learn so much in the process of writing as it clarifies for me what’s happening in my inner space and I’m grateful that others join in the conversation.

  2. Chan Madhavi says:

    Yes preparing for challenging situations is a marvelous way of taking personal responsibility. Thank you for this reminder.

  3. Nathalie says:

    When reading your blog, one thing popped in my mind: preparing ourselves in advance with an open mind and open possibilitities. At the retreat, when Guruji was mentionning this, my first thought was ” If I prepare in advance on how to deal with a situation, then it will only create itself and maintain myself in that constricted place “. But with perpesctive now, I understand that it allows you to face the stresses in a more peacefull way – as when facing the stresses, you will be more open to possibilities as you are already prepared to face it with that peacefull frame of mind.. Its another way of taking responsability …but ahead of time 😉

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