Seeing Life as a Journey in Consciousness Evolution

It’s been a while since I posted here on the blog and like any unused muscle, writing is a little rusty. Since we last spoke I’ve participated in a marvelous 40 days retreat on “Making the Shift – A Practical guide to Consciousness Evolution” and followed up with a weekend retreat on “Be the Change”. So I’ve had lots of inspiration, now comes the best part; the processing and practice.

In the next little while, I plan to go back to the inspirations from these retreats. I know that writing about the experiences will bring clarity and deeper understanding which I can take into my practice. I hope that together we can explore our moments of inspiration and support each other in our growth.

Today one of the ideas I’m contemplating is that life is a journey in consciousness evolution. How can this idea impact my daily life?

This morning as I was going through my collection of photos I found this beautiful one. I don’t know what kind of flower it is, but that not knowing does not affect my enjoyment of it’s beauty.

As I observed the photograph more closely I noticed there are many flowers in different stages of blooming; some are buds, some just opening, some in full bloom and some nearing the end of their flowering. No matter what stage they are in, all together they create great beauty.

For me this is a model of how I can approach my world. Seeing myself and those around me in different stages of consciousness evolution, knowing that we are all growing. There is much I don’t know about the people and circumstances around me, but I will strive to see the beauty and goodness that is there. Have a wonderful day everyone. It’s great to feel connected with you once more!


6 Responses to Seeing Life as a Journey in Consciousness Evolution

  1. Victoria Aarti says:

    And great to have you “back” Madhavi! xx

  2. Henk says:

    Namaskar all,

    Thank you, Madhavi, for the posts again. It does feel great, I feel an increase in discipline 🙂

    As I thought about the post, I was thinking of journey and the journeys I made on vacations. I enjoyed every moment of it; the excitement beforehand, the departure, the arrival at different stages, seeing places, experiencing foods, peoples, traditions. And going home again. All felt great. Thinking of that, it brings me back to the moment of now in daily life. Every moment can be a stage like the journeys I made.

    Your photo and description, the whole picture, sticks with me. Stories and photos can be powerful. Some might say that the blooming part of a flower is more beautiful, but all are beautiful in their own way.

    With gratituide and love,


    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Dear Henk

      So lovely to hear from you! You remind me to enjoy the stages of the journey. Thank you for that. luv madhavi

  3. Nathalie says:

    In reference to different stages : I have learned is that it is “OK” to learn from others. I have always been a dependant person and wanted to move away from that dependancy. In the frame of mind, I was under the assumption that all the answers were within, thus feeling I shouldn’t seek information from others. But boy was I ever wrong, I understand now that learning from others is not being dependant of others, it is part of GRACE. And the first step in beeing independant – is to start within. If answer doesn’t arrise, the GRACE that we all have within will bring forward great teachers. This was such an enlightment for me and now feel worthy all’s input and appreciate all stages of consciousness within all.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Hi Nat

      You bring up the wonderful idea that the wisdom field can operate through any form of consciousness, whether ourselves, another person who is a reflection of ourselves or even some form of nature. Thank you for your input.

      luv madhavi

    • Victoria Aarti says:

      Nathalie, thanks so much, I love your point and I can identify with it, especially the part about wanting to move away from dependency. I am so quick to want that that I overlook the guidance that is available to me to support the progression. I find it hard to navigate the balance between guidance and dependency though but no doubt that too is a learning process. Also challenging to be open to the guidance on offer!
      Love and thanks

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