Setting & Fulfilling Intentions

We’re approaching March 25 when I plan to join Blue Star international’s  forty day sacred period. I have thought about what my intentions will be as I enter  these highly charged days. To come up with my intentions, I thought of my dreams for myself and then wondered about what is currently preventing me from achieving those dreams. That process makes it clearer for me to see what I would like to focus on. To motivate myself I have short-term and long-term intentions. The short terms ones are easier and faster to achieve. This is important for me, because I need the momentum to help me to tackle the more challenging aspects of my dreams.

anankkml /

I know myself well enough to know that I will make consistent efforts. So another important aspect is to look out for the signs of progress. Every day there is something to celebrate, even if it is that I kept the intention in my mind. In this way I keep open and keep my inner world optimistic. Every step counts!

I have one intention that is particularly challenging. So to start with, I am focusing on being able to embrace it as a possibility. This is the toughest part for me, knowing that, I am more patient and gentle with myself. This photo will be my inspiration. Each step takes one across the stream.

This is the process I follow in setting intentions. How about you, what helps you to set and fulfill your intentions?

This is my 200th post on this blog. My intention when I started was to share how I bring spirituality in daily living. I hoped the conversations would be simple, inspiring and bring more awareness  about the process of personal growth. Thank you to everyone who have supported me in the journey so far, special gratitude to those who stop by and join the conversation. To the quiet ones who read and contemplate the postings, I feel your presence too, thank you for the energy you contribute. Sometimes it feels like we are sitting together, sharing a cup of tea and having a wonderful chat!


6 Responses to Setting & Fulfilling Intentions

  1. Madhuri says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    I enjoyed reading the post about your 40 Days contemplations and preparations. I think my biggest challenge this year will be to not get caught up in distractions. My goal is to stay centered.

    Thank you for keeping this blog. Reading that it is your 200th post reminded me that we’re fortunate to have it. Even though I don`t post much, I read the blog and support it with much love.

    All my best wishes for all your 40 Days intentions to come to fruition.

    much love always,

  2. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi and All

    As I contemplate my intentions for this wonderful period, I find this post very helpful. My main intention feels big, but as you say, it is important to at least embrace it as possible. What makes my intention a bit more accessible and tangible for me is thinking about what its achievement would look or feel like for me. What would be different? How would I know that I was manifesting my intention? And what are the little steps that I want to practice as part of and in support of this intention?

    As part of this, I really like the idea of finding something/progress every day to be positive and encouraged by, even if it is remembering my intention. I find it far too easy to get despondent so my approach and inner posture will be very important, especially when I feel challenged.

    I also find that writing is a great help, and it is an important part of helping me to assess how I am doing with my intention.

    Congratulations on your 200th post and sincere gratitude Madhavi for sharing this blog with us. Your process really helps to demystify, explain and make accessible so much of this for me. And the sharing and comments it prompts takes it even further.

    With love and thanks all round and wishing us all a powerful and transformative retreat

  3. Henk says:


    Congratulations, Madhavi. In thinking of previous posts and my daily life (walking, doing dishes, eating, meditating, working, talking and being silent) I have learnt so much from your blog. Each post is a step for me and I am gratefull for where I am now, so many thanks.

    This post brings up the awareness of making intentions. In preparing for the 40 days I am relistening previous 40 days, but I don’t have intentions yet. Wait and see and learning as much as I can, is my gameplan for now. But I think I can get more out of it if I have clear intentions.

    In deciding what to set of intentions, I can only think of the situation at hand now.
    I want some more vitality, a clear mind all day, being loving to my wife all the time (letting go what was said yesterday or last year) and more awareness as how I interact with our newest family member.

    Reading back my intentions, I think back of previous posts and for the first two intentions/goals there is already a treasure here. A treasure I need to re-open again.

    Happy preparations,

    with all my love, Henk

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Namaskar Henk

      I agree there is so much inspiration to be found in daily life. Thank you for your consistent participation and encouragement.

  4. Marlene says:

    Thank you for sharing through your blog posts, Madhavi. 200 posts…that is quite a milestone! I appreciate many of the practical tips you have shared with us during this period.

    As I consider what my dream or vision is for myself, at times it doesn’t feel very tangible or concrete. So in asking myself the question, “What is it I want most right now?”, I find it helps me to focus in on some short term goals at least.

    In creating both short-term and long-term goals, I find it helps me to write them down as it seems to carry more intention or weight behind them than if I just think about them, and it also makes me feel more accountable to myself.

    In terms of looking for signs of progress, it is not always obvious to me how I will notice my progress, especially if it is subtle. I sometimes ask myself the question, “How will I know?” I would be interested in hearing any else’s suggestions on how they determine it for themselves.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Like you Marlene I find writing helps me to clarify my thoughts. When I don’t know about something I say to myself that perhaps the time isn’t right to know as yet and maybe I have the opportunity to get ready to know :).

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