Expanded Consciousness – new territory to explore and inhabit

This year I said I was seeking an expanded consciousness. What does expanded consciousness mean? Consciousness comes from the word conscious. If I am conscious about something it means that I am aware of it. So expanded consciousness to me, means to become more aware. What do I need to become more aware of?

One way I use to find that answer, is take someone I really admire, a role model. Then I write about them in as much detail as I can. The writing is important because it helps me to be more conscious of what I like about the person. Then I take a particular situation in which I felt that person really excelled. I write about what knowledge, skills and attitudes in that person contributed to their success. The reason for doing this part is I feel this person’s example can become an inspiration for me to grow in this type of awareness. Not just to admire them from afar but to become like them, to make the world a better place by shining a light just like they do.

Now comes the really exciting part. I look to myself to see how much of that knowledge I already have, how I am currently using those same skills in my life, in what situations have I manifested those same attitudes. This exercise brings up the most surprising information about myself, that I have this same type of excellence inside me! I also see how I can grow it.

When I first started using this exercise it was hard to think about how I could possibly already have that type of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The key I found was to persist, to keep open and to believe that I would find the answer. For example I knew I didn’t have  exactly the same level of knowledge as the person I admired, but it didn’t mean that I knew nothing whatsoever. You see my mind would become paralyzed by thinking that other person had so much more than me. When I discovered that I already had some of that information, then I felt I wasn’t starting from scratch. I felt hopeful.

Then comes the next stage; during my day I consciously set out to acquire the new data I felt I needed by going to sources of information around me; people, books, internet etc. I observed myself with the intention of catching myself whenever I displayed those qualities that I admired in the other person. It was so uplifting. Then it became easier to cultivate a wonderful inner stance.

That excellence may not express itself in exactly the same way as the other person, but the intention for me, was to use them as a catalyst for my growth, not to become them. So you see by doing this exercise I have a concrete and enjoyable way of discovering new territory in myself that I can explore, and eventually inhabit.


3 Responses to Expanded Consciousness – new territory to explore and inhabit

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  2. Ellen (Holland) says:

    Dear Madhavi,
    I can’t say how much I enjoy your blog:) You give me so much help by the way you are exploring yourself and hand it out in such clear steps. And it really gives hope and faith that we can do it and that we don’t have to start below the zero point, but that we already have made some steps. It is not perfect yet, but we are heading forward.
    What I am training at the moment is “non-violent communication” from Marshall Rosenberg. Also very inspiring and with very practical steps too. I have to take some time to study the situation, to make the steps I can take clear and then try it out. The results are remarkable. It is not only learning how to say something but also it gives me insight in my own emotions and thought(patterns). And this is only one way of communicating, while the Role Model I admire the most, uses so many ways in communication. But every step is a step:)
    So Thanks a lot, Ellen

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Dear Ellen
      I took some time to find out about non-violent communication. This is similar to the mediation training I took several years ago. As a mediator in conflict resolution the meditation skills we hone, like being able to observe oneself is very useful….easier to pick up on the needs of each person, to see how we posture in our positions and our readiness to see from another perspective. Thank you for bringing this aspect into the conversation.

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