Two Ways of Dealing with Persistent Thoughts

We’ve been talking about looking at the categories of thought that occupy the mind during the day. We said we would try sitting for a short period, fifteen to twenty minutes repeating the mantra and observing what comes up in the mind.

Today I want to talk about the types of persistent thoughts that come up. This type of thought reveal areas of our lives that need attention, they tell us we have pressing issues to sort through. These thoughts are difficult to remove from the mind unless examined and analyzed.

While I am sitting in meditation I promise myself I will deal with the thoughts outside of the meditation. during the meditation I keep the focus on the mantra and the gaps between each mantra repetition.

Once I’m out of the meditation I keep my promise. I deal with these types of thoughts in two main ways.

The first way is to use my intellect to try to figure out a solution. For further information I may read inspirational books or works of fiction that address a similar situation. I may look to movies to give me another perspective of the situation. Sometimes museums that give historical context are helpful, because there are few really new situations in life, many others in history would have faced a similar situation.

Another important way of dealing with persistent troubling thoughts is to look for inner guidance from the Universal wisdom field. Wisdom thoughts are different from ordinary thoughts. They are simple and seem to resonate with a unique energy. When they first start to arise I take note of them and after the meditation I consider the new information. At first I was cautious in following such thoughts. Now I know when I follow the guidance given I feel uplifted, I feel open, expansive….

I have more experience now and I find it easier to distinguish wisdom thoughts from the rest. Now I can actively seek such guidance. I can see those wisdom thoughts coming outside of the sitting meditation too. They may arise in my mind or they may come from the many sources of information around me.

If I stay stuck with a difficult situation and I can’t seem to find my way, then I seek help from someone who has experience and has the capacity to support me in working through my challenge. One way or the other I am determined not to stay stuck and somehow a way always opens up.

What is your experience of dealing with persistent thoughts? How do you over come them? Share your success strategies so that we all can top up the options we have, when persistent troubling thoughts occupy our minds.


5 Responses to Two Ways of Dealing with Persistent Thoughts

  1. Marlene says:

    One strategy that I sometimes use when I have a persistent troubling thought that I don’t seem to be able to work through successfully with my intellect at that point in time, but where the emotions I am experiencing are a burden, is to just repeatedly say to myself, “STOP” when the thought re-appears. It is like visualizing a big red stop sign.

    I just observe the thought and resulting emotion that are coming up once again, recognize how useless it is to keep on playing that same tape in my mind, and sort of strongly demand myself to “STOP IT” and to focus on something else. It is not always successful immediately, but the more I catch myself doing it, the more obvious it becomes how futile it is, and eventually I let go of it, at least for a while.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      That’s a great strategy Marlene, the visual of the stop sign is a powerful one.

  2. Henk says:

    Another step, aah what wonderful options as well.

    I’m inspired with the determination of dealing with the thoughts or issues. Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes 🙂

    And I like the possibility of wisdom thoughts very much so. I think I observed those thoughts often, at hind sight. Looking back at moments I think some thoughts were with a different energy. I would like to observe the different thoughts (wisdom and rest) in more detail. Thank you for letting me see this option, that this is possible.

    From my experience dealing with thoughts in this moment that I want to discard, I always use the breath. In combination with a mantra, the breath has awesome power. Every breath is a possiblity and recent weeks with using the mantra Om Namah Shivaya I found that in a difficult situation I could come quicker in a more peacefull state.

    This all is easier I find, when I have enough physical energy. When low in energy, challenges are more difficult to cope with.

    Thank you for the wisdom thoughts.

    All my love, Henk

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      You raise some important points Henk; how level of vitality influences our responses, observing and recognizing wisdom thoughts, technique of using the breath together with the mantra and yes I do feel like Sherlock Holmes when I am observing 🙂

  3. Victoria says:

    This continues to be an eye opener. Yesterday it was as if I could really see one of my thought patterns for the first time. I had noted it during the mantra practice, but it was like I could see it more clearly, as well as what it meant and the many ways in which it features. As is mostly always the case, this was not so comfortable. But I know it is useful and necessary if I want to move forward.

    It seems to be one of those “biggies” which I suspect I have been trying to suppress, as it feels so big that I do not know where/how to start. But as per your guidance as you have developed this topic and practice Madhavi, I need to be patient and take it in small steps. I need to do some more “data collection” to start with. In the spirit of opening up to the Universe (as well as my inner wisdom) for support, maybe I might share a bit in a general way.

    It involves relationships and how I have unconsciously interacted in the past, and still do to a certain extent. Yesterday there was anger and hurt and I could really see how often this comes up, but I do not really see it as that. Maybe I have not wanted to see it. As much of it is about things in the past, how to deal with issues which are no longer in the physical space? I figured that maybe a good place to start would be forgiveness and compassion, of both myself and “the other.” But what does that really mean for me? More contemplation required no doubt …

    I feel that there is a limit to how many old situations I need to revisit in intricate detail; the need could vary on a case by case basis. But then what is also important is how I move forward. How do I engage from here on with more consciousness?

    Lorse, this really does seem big and I suspect that my desire to be past this is so strong that I am trying to rush the process. Any thoughts or offerings from my Universe (this blog) would be gratefully received.

    With love

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