What occupies my mind?

In deciding for the past two weeks, to pause ten times a day to repeat the mantra ten times, it starts to become clear the kinds of thought patterns and feelings that dwell in the mind during the day. Do you notice such patterns?

I found the mind wanting to resist the practice. This resistance manifested itself in many ingenious ways- thoughts like, “I don’t have time right now” or “What can ten mantra repetitions really accomplish?” or “This is so silly, I have so many other things I could do” or “I’ll skip this one I will do the more advanced practice.” What was interesting is that I didn’t notice resistance when I wanted to make my donation of eight mantras. Did you?

When I pushed through and did it anyway I felt so good.I notice my mind has less chatter. I feel better overall. I noticed it was easier to hear the inner guidance and I had more confidence in following it.

This practice has made me very curious about the other habits in the mind that keep me disconnected from the Source of my being. Before jumping to any premature conclusions (another unproductive mind habit!) I will do some data collection. I plan to do the mantra repetition when I can take a note of the thought patterns in my mind. I will set aside maybe ten to fifteen minutes of quiet time to repeat the mantra. As the thoughts arise I will note their over all nature – trivial chatter, concern about someone or some decision, worry, replaying old memories etc. I will try to keep the focus on the mantra without getting distracted by any thought. After my period of mantra repetition I’ll try to capture the essence of the type of thoughts in a few words and jot them down.

I know these thought types occupy my mind during the day without my being aware of them. The next few days will be dedicated to learning what occupies the mind by taking 10-15 minute time out to repeat the mantra and just to observe what is in the mind.

On Monday I will begin analyzing the data and I will write about it here.




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