Will you donate eight mantras?

Our ultimate goal is to connect with the Source of our being and to sustain that connection and we want to take some concrete steps to achieve that goal.

We’ve laid good ground work this last week by pausing ten times during the day to repeat the mantra ten times for a total of one hundred mantras. As promised today I’d like to add another part to the practice.

Would you consider  donating eight mantras? You can donate your mantras to those who need physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing. Another possibility is to donate to those who are struggling to survive, who need food, shelter, clothes. Perhaps you feel called to say your mantra for the environment; to purify the air, water and soil. May be you want to support all those who work for social justice. Or you might like to say your mantras to support all spiritual teachers. There are many possibilities. It would be great to hear about your donation.

This means that we are increasing our daily mantra amount to  108. When will we do our additional eight mantras? That’s the interesting part. We get a chance to experiment with when and how we say it. Will we say it at the beginning or end of the day? Do we prefer to say it at some special point during the day? Will we say all eight at the same time or do one at a time and spread them out throughout the day?

Here comes another very important part of the practice. Observe what impact the addition of these eight mantras make to the experience of the day.

Please share your experiences as we keep in mind those who are trying to do mantra repetition for the first time and who are sincerely seeking to take another step on the journey.

Enjoy! I’ll be back on Thursday.


2 Responses to Will you donate eight mantras?

  1. Chan Madhavi says:

    These are beautiful practices Henk.

  2. Henk says:

    I had fun with the 8 extra mantras and brought more peace to me.
    I tried two variations.

    One was where I would ‘spend’ the eight mantras, starting with 1 for my body, 1 for my family, 1 for my street, 1 for my city, 1 for my country, 1 for my continent, 1 for every human being on the globe, 1 for every part of our wonderful planet (plant, animal, materials) and I wanted one extra for the entire Universe.

    A different variation was with an action. As I walked I wished a Om Namah Shivaya and all the peace to everyone that is struggling to walk. Realising what a wonder it is to be able to walk. I could feel a difference in my feet as I touched the ground. Walking can be such fun then.

    As I ate, especially as I crept under the warm covers in bed, I wished everyone this and I am very grateful that I have food and a roof. It made me more disciplined in grocery shopping, not to buy too much food, not to waste. Same with taking a shower, wearing clothes, being together with wife and child. All possibilities I took to wish a mantra to people who are struggling with this or sharing the wonder with the ones who have this. All these activities bring to me more joy and peace as I thought about donating a mantra.

    One to remember and uphold.

    Thank you.

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