Take Ten Pauses Today

Do you have the intention to do the hundred mantra practice?  Then I encourage you to go ahead and take the plunge today and you will naturally want to do it on the weekend. Thanks to all of you who have posted your experiences as you do the practice, all very inspiring.

The idea is to take ten pauses during the day and repeat a mantra or affirmation ten times as a way to manage and protect the mind.

I will post an addition to the practice next week. This addition will build on what we’ve been doing. In the mean time it’s good to spend time laying a good foundation before we move on.

Have a joy filled weekend and we’ll talk again on Monday.

6 Responses to Take Ten Pauses Today

  1. Victoria says:

    Okay so my happily shared honeymoon period with the mantra is officially over. This is such an eye opener. Honestly, how difficult could it be to pause 10 times during the day to say something so small a mere 10 times? It is so hard! My resistance and procrastination is amazing. And not to mention how much mental noise there is when I am doing it! We are talking about focusing on one little thing and repeating it 10 times! I am stunned at just how many other things are in my mind clamouring for attention for the space it takes to focus on these 10 repetitions. Focus? Can I even do that? Wow! And then there is the internal posture. I could be utterly disheartened if I did not suspect that this was one of the points of this practice. This is all just so interesting!

  2. Victoria says:

    I am seeing more and more benefit of this practice all the time. I have not previously given much attention to the mantra other than in sitting meditation, so its effectiveness has not been as much as it could potentially be. To start with, I was not starting the practice until the afternoon, so it was getting squashed in so to speak. However, in resolving to be more disciplined and to spread out through the day from early o’clock, there are so many great things about it. Not only is it allowing for the “planned” pauses, but it is leading to more pauses between pauses. So the desire to stay connected and awareness of the desire is more present than just at sitting meditation. And all the pauses enable the desire for connection to be acted on in the moment. It just gets better all the time!

  3. Lee Majewski says:

    It is interesting how with practise mantra takes hold of my mind. i do Guru Gita everyday now for years. Very often I wake up listening to my mind holding some of the verses…!!
    ……20 years ago i would worry that I am going crazy because my mind does what it wants without me being aware of it…. but now I am grateful 🙂

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Remarkable experience…repetition of the mantras in the Guru Gita every morning not only staying in the mind all day and coming back to you when you wake up! Thanks for sharing this possibility Lee.

  4. Brahmani (Linda) says:

    Yesterday I was driving home in my car. The ride was about an hour and I wanted to repeat the mantra for the whole hour. Wishful thinking 😉 I started with full intention, then my mind took over by thinking other things. This repeated itself untill I arrived home. I strive one day I will manage to have a continuous flow of the mantra. In the meantime I just enjoy the process of going back and forth between mantra and thinking. Being happy the mantra comes back to me again and again, ‘disturbing’ the thinking process. In that hour I had my ten pauses. Not exactly what you mean, but it made me smile after reading your post. Love, Brahmani

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Indeed you had your ten pauses Brahmani 🙂 Interesting to go between the mantra and the thinking.

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