Join in 100 mantra repetitions today

Today I look at the cultivation of flexibility from another point of view, as you know we’ve been discussing the development of flexibility as a spiritual practice. The inherent challenge for me is in the face of violence, negativity in all forms; to respond from the light with understanding and compassion, to bring forth qualities of goodness in these conditions. After all it’s easy to be loving when all is flowing smoothly but not so easy in the face of darkness.

I am striving to be very firmly centered in a sacred place inside in order to manifest this kind of flexibility, I have been training the mind and emotions how to respond.

This week to protect my mind from negativity (both from within myself and from my outer world) and to help to make it stronger I’ve been using a mantra which is a sacred word of power. I gave myself the practice to repeat the mantra at least one hundred times during the day. I broke it up into parcels of ten. The next step was to find moments during the day to unwrap a parcel – before I use a key, as I turn on a light switch, while washing my hands, while cuddling a baby ….

Giving myself a number as a goal helped to make the exercise concrete. The counting helped me to keep aware of what was happening. As the numbers increased I could feel a sense of satisfaction building and I enjoyed every moment of it. Of course just saying the mantra is not all but it’s a wonderful starting point.

It is so simple, yet the self-control, the clarity of mind, the ability to direct attention and thus the increase in concentration, the inner feeling of stability…. well I could go on but I’ll leave some room for you to discover for your self :). Even if I did it when I was rushed it still had a lot of benefits. I didn’t see any down sides. When I actually sat down to meditate then wow what a wonderful experience. It makes sense no? What happens during the day has a powerful impact on our sitting meditation.

Would you like to try it today? Won’t it be great to have the mantra repeated all over the world? We could contribute to a collective energy as we dedicate ourselves to a more harmonious world by transforming our selves, while supporting each other and those who might be struggling in our world today.

I used “Om namah shivaya, I bow to the Universal consciousness.” In the past I’ve also used affirmations in this same practice which you can read about in my previous posts. Write and share what today was like for you. Don’t forget to have fun with it.



12 Responses to Join in 100 mantra repetitions today

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  2. Chan Madhavi says:

    Nice observation Marlene. Each parcel of mantras are unique and to be enjoyed in it’s own special way :).

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  4. Henk says:

    🙂 A treaure indeed. I just did the first 10 for today and I found I wanted more than 10 :). The breath slows down, warmer hands, a smile on my face, a clear mind. S concrete, so doable indeed.

    I had the intention before entering Suze’s room, our 10-month daughter, I would fill my inner being with love and her room. I will try 10 repetations when she wakes and will observe the difference. Tomorrow I will try every 30 minutes, before seeing the next patient, to do 10 repations. I am sure at the end of the day I will feel a difference.

    Thank you, Madhavi for this tool and others for the posts. For 2012 I have the goals of becoming master of my mind and emotions too, thank you for reminding, Gauri.

    All my love, Henk

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      You bring in the power of observation of breath, body and emotional state with mantra repetition Henk. I like the idea of repeating every 30 minutes.

      I find that babies are drawn by the repetition of mantra even if it’s done silently, especially if imbued with love. Let us know how Suze responds.

      • Henk says:

        I first thought, what a wonderful comment, how would Suze respond? I never focused on noticing her response.

        The first time I tried it with the mantra I noticed Suze was smiling a lot and at first she was pretty quiet. The scene seemed very peaceful to me and I enjoyed a lot, to be honest.

        I think she will be awake soon, so I will do it again, focusing more and more, now.
        Thank you for the question. Any advice as where I could look or observe more, how Suze is responding?

        • Chan Madhavi says:

          Hi Henk
          I communicate more on the subtle level with babies, opening up my being and embracing them with peace and love and becoming receptive to what arises inside.

          With keen observation you will feel Suze’s response. It’s a conversation on another level, a kind of inner communion. I don’t know if this makes sense for you. It’s hard to put into words what I mean :).

  5. Victoria says:

    Very exciting post and practice. I came to it late and have not done 100. However, what I did I found it very powerful and compelling. It was like a guilty secret minus the guilt, or more like a secret treasure! I know that I have needed to work on managing my mind, but it has seemed like an overwhelming task and I have not given enough attention to how to start in a meaningful but realistic way. Bundles of 10 is entirely doable and kind of fun as a pause in an otherwise fairly standard activity like getting a glass of water. Time seemed to slow down and stretch out and the hustle and bustle quickly slipped away. Being present to the mantra during meditation is another challenge for me but this helped – only the first effort I know – and I found I could see the point in the meditation where my mental resistance kicks in, face it, stay with the practice and get to a peaceful place on the other side. And I do not need to torture myself if I am not saying the mantra for every single breathe of every single second of the day – I can stop, say 10 or even 5 and feel an immediate difference. Wow, this is really something! Thanks Madhavi!

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the practice so very much Victoria. Pausing during the day to repeat the mantra gives us the opportunity to come back to center.

  6. Gauri says:

    This is nice! As a matter of “coincidence”, today – even before receiving your letter- I started repeating my mantra as a way of controlling my mind, which tended to produce worriesome thoughts, which I found disturbing. I need and want to become a master of my thoughts and emotions!! The mantra is a nice tool for me to make this intention concrete; I am actually working on managing my mind whilst repeating it. In doing so, I am using the power I have and I am not a “victim” of my own mind… :)! And indeed it was helpful!
    I like your idea of using parvels of repeating 10x. It helps me to use it more consciously. And I like the idea of tapping from universla energies as well as contributing to them when I use a mantra that many people have been using in the past.
    Love Gauri

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Gauri, you give us a marvelous example of consciously choosing to protecting the mind from disturbance by repeating the mantra instead of becoming a victim or worry. Thank you.

  7. Marlene says:

    I like the idea of breaking the total number of repetitions into bundles of ten and using reminders to bring to my attention opportune times throughout the day to repeat the mantra or affirmation. I will try it!

    I have repeated two sets so far and found a difference already between the way I repeated the first set and second set. For the second set, I felt prompted to slow down the rate at which I repeated it.

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