Meditation & Bread rolls

Do you like dinner rolls? I’ve been baking bread, trying for a flavor, size and consistency of bread roll. I’ve been experimenting with the type of ingredients, where and how long I let the dough rise, how long I leave in the oven; you get the idea. I’d never eaten a bread roll like the one I was aiming for, but I figured I would know it when I had it. Last night I did it! The rolls were just perfect. I had done everything by hand but I didn’t measure anything, I didn’t record how I was doing it. I had made several attempts before so I had a good idea of the process to follow. So I’m not sure how to re-create the success from last night but I will have lots of fun trying to do so.

The whole process reminded me of the meditation practice. I sit with an intention, following the basic “recipe”. I pay attention to my physical posture, use the breath awareness, the mantra, the witnessing, to help me to quiet the mind, stabilize the emotions to begin to touch the sacred inner space. Sometimes through grace I have a beautiful experience, a fulfillment of the intention. Like my dinner rolls from last night, I have to keep trying to see how I can fulfill my intention again. You see where flexibility comes in? I have to be willing to approach the “recipe” with flexibility, to start examining every aspect of the meditation to see how I can approach it from a fresh perspective.

I’m not expecting the next time that my bread rolls will be exactly the same as they were last night. However they can be a similar flavor, consistency, taste. They may even be better. Just like I don’t expect every meditation to be the same. However, just like I can learn to make a bread roll that I like, so too I can learn to have a fulfilling meditation. It starts with getting comfortable with the basic “recipe” then beginning to tweak that recipe to suit my needs, having fun along the way.

I do so love the meditation practice :).  Somehow I think you guessed that :). I wonder is there some aspect of meditation you would like us to explore together? Some way that it can be more enjoyable for you?




4 Responses to Meditation & Bread rolls

  1. Henk says:


    Thank you fellow-breadmaker and Marlene for the comments, for the expanded awareness.

    I’m baking bread for a few years now, usually with sour-dow. All the ingredients I have are water, grain and a pinch of salt. The basic recipe is the same: 125 gr sourdow, 280 gr water and 500 gr grain. The consistency of the sourdow can vary and the type of grain varies (I don’t know the English words but I vary with “tarwe, boekweit, spelt, mais”, depending on what is available (thinking of whether this applies to my meditations as well, what is available at this moment?). All are to me great, I enjoy them immensely.

    I learnt a basic recipe for unguided meditation from your retreat last year, Madhavi, for which I am very grateful. Depending on what I observe I stay longer with a certain dimension/chakra (last weeks on Manipura). I have been experimenting with walking, driving and work meditations as I don’t always have the time to have a sitting meditation (or to sit for that matter :)). This is flexibility for me at the moment. This sprang to mind reading the previous blogs.

    At first seeing the conditions of less time, I thought “shoot, I can’t have sitting meditations as often as I want”. Thinking of the words of Vasudeva of how strongly he wanted to touch that Inner space, I thought I can have different meditations. I can see the support of these conditions as eventually, now, I want to have the feeling of meditation all day.

    The strongest desire I have with meditation is more stability, of maintaining the peace of a sitting meditation during the day, even when it’s a busy day. Also I am curious of different flavours of meditation. I heard Vasudeva say that he can feel the difference whether it is a Sunday compared to different days. I am curious whether I can observe that, feel that. Also feeling, very precisely, the difference of energy in different spaces, or when with different people. Vasudeva can observe energy within someone with a touch for example. Is that a flavour I can ‘taste’?

    Interesting invitation.

    All my love, Henk

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Namaskar Henk

      I do so enjoy your comments! Thanks for the bread recipe and for sharing your wishes around meditation. You’ve raised some very exciting possibilities. Please continue to share your practice and your inspirations.


  2. Chan Madhavi says:

    Hi Marlene
    You’ve made some good suggestions here. Continue to share your experiences as you experiment with your meditation.

  3. Marlene says:

    I would like to figure out creative new ways to experiment with my meditations. I believe I am following the basic recipe, but I want to try to change the recipe a little bit, to “spice it up” somehow, and then see if I like the result the change in the recipe produces. They say variety is the spice of life! 🙂 It likely doesn’t require a big change to produce a slightly different but quite satisfying result.

    I tried a slightly new approach to my meditation during Guru’s satsang on Saturday after listening to him that evening. He said, “Let my words take you to that place from where I am speaking, where your soul lives. Listen to my voice and let me guide you. Follow my words; come into my space as we meditate. Sing with me and feel the awakening of energies in your soul and celebrate that space of immortality with me.” I found that to be a very impactful invitation! So rather than focus on going inside in the way I normally do, I decided to try visualizing myself going inside the space he was in, as if he was drawing me into that space. I chose to do that because I know he is in that space and in touch with that space. I was motivated to try to reach that space through him this time. Of course I recognize it is all the same space, but it was a slightly different approach to the way I normally go inside, in an effort to see if it produced different results.

    I am also trying to develop a greater curiosity while in meditation for what sometimes feels so routine to me.

    I would like to suggest that perhaps we explore the “quality” of our meditations together so that I can examine the nuances of what I am experiencing.

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