Sending out waves and waves of peace, love and joy

Today I continue the quest to develop  the spirit of flexibility. I am inspired by the  Book of Tibetan Elders This book is a set of interviews describing the teachings from the elders as well as the experience of meeting them.

Many of these elders have experienced tremendous hardship as they escaped from Tibet. It’s so heart warming to read of their journey to develop compassion for the Chinese occupiers. I can see how powerful meditation can be in cultivating spiritual qualities the need for patience,  for self examination, for systematic practice.

It’s been interesting reading the book with the intention of finding out about flexibility. The book brings home the value of having a personal guide. One who will give practical advice on how to bring the teachings into daily life, how to work with the mind, how to read and interpret the signals from the Higher Self and most important one who will share the process so that the seeker can grow in self awareness and self mastery.

On page 203 there is a discussion about the relationship between the master and the student.

“The student is someone who is able to see a gem, to be able to recognize when a master is special……We need to see beyond the form, straight into the essence. If we have this capacity it means we have something special…. When you have been touched by a master things happen for you… quicken and progress”.

This is also my experience, that having a guide, a coach who takes an interest in my personal practice makes the world of difference. I in turn offer what I can in terms of support to those who seek it.

Please join in spirit in a meditation as we seek to center ourselves in the Source of our being, to feel the connection with each other and to send out into our world waves and waves of peace, love and joy.


4 Responses to Sending out waves and waves of peace, love and joy

  1. Marlene says:

    Commenting on your previous blog, I think flexibility is very important on the spiritual journey because we never know what life is going to bring us from day to day. I recognize that I, too, need to work on cultivating more flexibility within myself because I sometimes find it difficult to adapt without feeling a lot of resistance or stress. I am not always able to just “go with the flow” and I need to learn how to better respond.

    One of the things that I am trying to be mindful of to help me in this regard is to “stay present”. As Guru advised us at the November retreat, we need to stay present to what the universe is offering right now and to have faith that the universe will support us. I was recently listening to Eckhart Tolle who suggests accepting “what is”, whatever is before me in the now. Guru went even further in saying that it is not only accepting what is, but acting wisely on what is before you. He asked us at the retreat to consider, “How do I use what is before me in the best possible way? Not just accepting what is before me, but to actually use it.” Quite the challenge!

    Regarding today’s blog, I agree with you that having a sspiritual guide or coach who takes a personal interest can make a world of difference.

    • Victoria says:

      Marlene, I like what you said about it not being just about accepting but about seeking to use what is there in the best possible way.

      Love and blessings to all involved in the library meditation xx

      • Chan Madhavi says:

        Hi Victoria
        Some of us met for the first group meditation for the year and the experience was just so profound. Over and over again I am amazed at what meditation can be like. Thanks for joining us in spirit.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Hi Marlene
      Acting wisely in the present moment is a good description of the kind of flexibility that I’m seeking.

      I’m going through my journal and remembering the times when I did this type of coaching. Offering this service brought a lot of growth for me. So both being the coach and being the “coachee” has a lot of potential for transformation :)).

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

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