Flexibility & Being Centered in the Source

It’s the second day of this year and I feel there is great momentum for personal transformation in this day. How can I maximize on the energy in my world today?

In reviewing my plans for this year I notice there are many qualities I need to cultivate further in order to fulfill my intentions, chief among these qualities is flexibility. According to the online free dictionary, flexibility is defined as:


a. Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable.
b. Capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage.
2. Susceptible to influence or persuasion; tractable.
3. Responsive to change; adaptable: a flexible schedule.
Synonyms: flexible, elastic, resilient, supple
These adjectives refer literally to what is capable of withstanding stress without injury and figuratively to what can undergo change or modification.”
I look to this day to see the opportunities that will present themselves as invitations to develop flexibility in my body, in my beliefs, in my relationships with myself and those around me. I recognize that stress will be part of the learning package as I meet with situations that prompt me to look from a different point of view.
I will try to recognize stress as opportunity knocking. It is my resistance that brings the pain. Part of my resistance stems from my fear that I will have to give up my core beliefs. I remind myself today that giving up is not the same as flexibility. It is more about how can I incorporate or expand my understanding of what I mean about those core beliefs and how I manifest those beliefs in my outer world.
Image source www.lifetree.comFlexibility is about expanding. Cultivating an attitude of flexibility is one way for me to seek an expanded awareness, to be more connected to the Source of my being. As I look to nature there are many models of flexibility; the graceful large trees, the water flowing in the streams. It is flexibility and adaptation that allows a species to evolve and flourish.
In thinking about flexibility in nature I become aware of the aspect of stability. If the tree isn’t strongly rooted then that affects it’s capacity to be flexible. Ah so my ability to be flexible is a reflection of how strongly centered I am in that infinite Source of peace, love, goodness and wisdom!
Please share your thoughts on the importance of flexibility on the spiritual journey and how you cultivate flexibility.

One Response to Flexibility & Being Centered in the Source

  1. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi, I like what you say that giving up is not the same as flexibility. This is an important distinction for me as I can get very attached to “my” way, rather than looking to see what and how I am being called and what is the appropriate response for the best of the situation, as opposed to what I want. Also the reminder of the importance of being properly grounded and centered.

    Over the Christmas period, I tried to work with the intention to be open and responsive to what arose in my external space and to seek to cultivate the appropriate response, both inner and outer. I found that setting that intention quite clearly from the outset was a great help. That is not to say that I managed it all the time, but I would say that my “success rate” was better than it might have been, had I not been as clear with my objectives.

    Love and thanks

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