Journaling the Retreat Expereince

As you know last weekend we had a retreat with Sri Vasudeva on discovering and living your life purpose. I’ve been journaling about the experience.

I am reflecting on what intentions I had going into the retreat and assessing how those intentions unfolded. As expected I came back with a treasure trove!

I am taking a look at the impact on my physical body. I was striving for a level of vitality and I have some discoveries that I want to explore further in myself, I’ll have to experiment to see the effect.

Sri Vasudeva is amazing in his ability to pick up energies in a space. I wanted to “catch” some of that capacity from him so I was paying special attention. I could detect the difference in my energy  from when I hugged him in greeting on Friday to when I said goodbye on Sunday. It was “cleaner”. In the process of the weekend I became aware of the energy impact of my thoughts. When I struggled to understand a concept that created a certain energy experience, when I sought help from my guides, from the Source that was another energy experience, when I engaged in casual conversation that energy had it’s own signature.

I won’t spoil it for you by giving too much details, in case you plan on looking at the retreat on pay per view or if you have the CDS or DVDS. I’ll just give a few points from my notes.

He started by talking about who is the “I” that is wanting to know it’s life purpose and the soul experience in the human body, our relationship with the Divine and our ultimate purpose in every lifetime. He spoke about the plans and preparations we made together with our guides before we incarnated and those plans are still in place and our guides are still available to us if we open ourselves to them. I want to consciously use this idea more.

Another interesting idea is to look at what is not working out in this life time and how this features in our life purpose. I want to deeply contemplate that one to better understand the point. He also spoke about the importance of taking care of the vehicle, the physical body, so that it can support us in our life purpose.

He provided five principles for living our life purpose: (1) Staying aware of our life purpose (2)Staying present to what life is currently offering us  (3) Staying connected with the higher self, the Divine & our Guides (4) Being an instrument of the Divine (5) Staying healthy.

A retreat is a time for refreshment and soul rejuvenation. I hope you have received a little of what we experienced this weekend. Have a wonderful day!


9 Responses to Journaling the Retreat Expereince

  1. Muriel Darlington says:

    Madhavi, I am so grateful for you and your new presence in my life. My time at the retreat opened up my eyes to where my Life’s journey began and how to fulfill my Life’s Purpose. Kama has always been a part of my life, for instance how we meet!

    Your blog has reminded me of important points that I did not retain, during the day. You have a wonderful way with words and journeraling. Looking forward to the dvd’s arriving, so I can listen to his words and chant along.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Namaskar Muriel

      Our meeting was indeed extraordinary. I’d love to hear what it’s like when you do get the DVDs. Don’t you feel like we are physically together having a chat right now?

      Sending warm hugs to you and the ladies in your circle

  2. Chan Madhavi says:

    Thanks Henk, I’ve missed our conversations.

    I felt that I wanted to re-read Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. Knowing how I like to prepare for things I can imagine that before I came into this body I made plans about events that would accelerate my soul evolution. I would have wanted reminders to stay on the path and I think I would have proposed challenging situations to do just that, I see myself doing that now so not a big leap of imagination. What I want to notice more is the support that is built into the challenge. I think I could better use those supports.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this book.

    • Henk says:

      Namaskar Madhavi,

      I am still reading the ‘Journey of Souls’. I just read how guides/souls make contact with someone: ‘As… a light brush stroke’. Fascinating that there is the possibility that guides can help me in situations. I would imagine as a thought, a feeling, an emotion, some sort of inspiration, maybe the sound of a bird. Opening up, expanding awareness, being aware of the peace, love, of as much as possible would be my plan.

      Also fascinating that every life is an opportunity to learn and what I learnt from the book that I, as a soul, made plans to learn this and that. For me that gives me direction in life, reliefs me from pressure that “I have to do this and that in life”. If I have numerous lives in front of me, my mentality towards learning changes into learning as much as I can without pressure. Although realising that I don’t want to waste time in the process. I have a feeling of responsibility; guides are watching :).

      The book made me realise once more that death isn’t final, just a fase. The precious body dies, not me.

      I like your intention of using the supoort more or in a better way! I will take this into my awareness.

      • Chan Madhavi says:

        Thanks Henk. I like the idea of looking at what step is right in front of me as a step in the bigger plan. So even if I’m not fully aware of the plan I’m still making progress with it. I agree with you it is a comforting message.

        • Victoria says:

          I like this very much i.e. the idea that even if I am not aware of the bigger plan, if I deal with and take the step that is right in front of me, I am still making progress. I have a tendency to get so caught up with wanting to know the bigger picture that I miss what is quite literally right under my nose.

          I also like the idea of support being built into the challenge and am reflecting on an ongoing situation with that in mind. It is both surprising and humbling to think and see that there are more dimensions, perspectives and possibilities than just the challenge.

          I am interested in what you shared Madhavi on your energy experiences over the weekend and how you could detect the changes in your own energy etc. I went for a swim the other morning and it took a while for me to notice my inner dialogue – all about feeling tired, body not doing what I had planned and then the self criticism. I eventually caught it and decided to try a different approach, attitude and language, and there was a difference. It was quite startling yet very interesting. Is this similar do you think? I ask as I am trying to understand better.

          Love and thanks

          • Madhavi says:

            Yes Victoria the type of self talk will carry an energy signature. For example if you were to observe yourself as you contemplate some deep spiritual message you will notice another energy pattern, if you were to engage in casual conversation that would have yet again another type of pattern. It does take some self witnessing to observe this. It does make it interesting don’t you think?

          • Victoria says:

            Thanks Madhavi. That certainly does make it interesting. I think I can start to get what you are saying but of course I want to explore more. I am currently reading a spiritual book and I notice the impact that it has on me, how it stays with me and uplifts me. I look forward to exploring with ever greater awareness so that I can glimpse the subtleties of signatures. Love and thanks again xx

  3. Henk says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    So wonderful to hear from you. So wonderful to read your experiences too. I’m struck with the excitement you went into the retreat and the excitement you have after the retreat.

    I like all of your notes, so I am hpoing to see the pay per view. Very interesting indeed. I like the principles very much so. It feels to me so tangible to apply these principles, not something far off or unreachable.

    I have been reading a book of dr. Newton which comes back in the part “He spoke about the plans and preparations we made together with our guides before we incarnated and those plans are still in place and our guides are still available to us if we open ourselves to them. I want to consciously use this idea more.”

    Very interesting and can be very powerful and helpful I believe. I will join you in your idea of deeping this.

    Thank you, Madhavi for the post. It and your enthiousiasm inspires me.

    All my love, Henk

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