Treasures of the Soul

My spiritual guide, Sri Vasudeva, will be holding a retreat on Discovering and Living Your Life Purpose, November 25-27 in Cobourg, Ontario, and I am so looking forward to it. He was here in June and what I remember most about that visit was the idea that if we touch the sacred space inside then we will automatically know how to respond to every situation because we would have accessed that space of all possibilities.

This is a very interesting idea because it means that we don’t have to remember all kinds of techniques. The focus is in connecting with the Source of our being, then seeing all as consciousness expressing itself in myriads of ways. Connecting to the Source for me, means connecting to a wisdom field, the field of never ending joy, peace and harmony. If I can connect to this Source then I will not be challenged by the ups and downs of daily life. It brings the utmost in flexibility.

The value of such a retreat is not only interesting ideas to contemplate but also the ambiance created by the gathering. Depending on how open and ready I am, there is the possibility of experiencing my inner being in a whole new way. The experience of meditation is very powerful, not just the sitting meditation, I mean also holding the meditative space outside of the formal sitting. My physical body experiences a greater state of health and vitality, my mind and emotions become strongly positive and I just feel great  boosts of energy.

I am very excited to see what treasures of the soul will be uncovered for me in this retreat, some I will unwrap at the retreat, others I will bring home with me. Oh it’s going to be wonderful. Join us if you can.


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