Resolution for the Week

Here’s another little gem I found as I was unpacking … It’s a note I made to myself about my practice for the week … It’s still fresh and very relevant to me.

Today I resolve in every relationship with my world to be aware of my true purpose for being on this earthly plane. I do that whilst honouring every other goal that I choose to embrace. I feel a sense of gratitude to this external world that shows me my weaknesses and gives me the opportunity to transform them through these same relationships. I  intend to be honest with myself in my self reflection and take responsibility for my actions…. actions geared to transformation.

Every word in each sentence is riveting don’t you think?. Will you join me in this resolution this week?


3 Responses to Resolution for the Week

  1. Henk says:


    A gem indeed! Teh question “Every word in each sentence is riveting don’t you think?” made me re-read the resolution and brought a further deepening of the power of the words. Words like embrace, gratituide, weaknesses, opportunity, honest, responsibility, actions and transform all drive me.

    All have a wonderful day of exploration.

    All my love, Henk

  2. Madhavi says:

    Hi Marlene,

    Glad to know you’re joining in. Lets see the impact of holding the intention in our inner world.


  3. Marlene says:

    Yes, I will join you in that resolution for this week, Madhavi. I especially like the statement about being in gratitude to the external world for showing us our weaknesses and giving us the opportuntiy to transform them as it reminds me of the support we are granted by that Higher Power in each moment to move us towards the goal of self-transformation.

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