What is really “mine”?

It’s the first day in November, a new month, a new beginning. I’m happy to be back home in Ottawa again. I’m excited to be back with you again too. I’ve had time to realize how much I enjoy and look forward to these conversations we have with each other. Thank you for your presence, your attention, your caring, your support on the spiritual journey.

As I unpack and get settled I’m struck by how I describe objects and experiences… the inner language. Take the word “my” for example. It’s very interesting the times that I use it. Sometimes it reveals to me how caught up I am in a situation mistakenly thinking this idea, object or relationship is “mine”, when it is only around me for a certain period of time, it’s on loan, so to speak,  there will come a time when I exchange it for another. What is really “mine”?

I notice that if I change the use of the word “my” to a more neutral word like “the” then the  inner experience is different. This is not always practical to do in interactions with others. If someone asks, “What is your name?” then for convention I will respond, ” My name is Madhavi.” But in my inner world I can remind myself that this is a temporary name and my real identity is consciousness.

Now it’s not so easy to do this practice when I’m very caught up and off centered. However the more I practice it the more chances I have of remembering it when I’m challenged.

Do you notice the inner language? Have you tried to make changes?  What kind of strategies do you use?

Wishing you many novel spiritual experiences this November!


6 Responses to What is really “mine”?

  1. Madhavi says:

    Dear Victoria, namaskar.

    Yes the labels, characteristics, roles…and on and on….it’s not who we are yet, it is so strange that we get caught up and forget. Lets continue to explore and see where it takes us :).

  2. Henk says:

    What a wonderful practice! Very thought provoking indeed. The message kept me busy for a few days now. The thought came up that I can change the word me/mine/I also in the Lord’s/Shiva’s/Guru’s object, person, idea.

    I like the paragraph, “Now it’s not so easy to do this practice when I’m very caught up and off centered. However the more I practice it the more chances I have of remembering it when I’m challenged.”, very much so. A strategy I like to use, practice, practice, practice, as often as possible, becoming a master.

    Thank you.

    All my love, Henk

    • Madhavi says:

      Dear Henk

      I found myself very absorbed in the practice this week too, so many new discoveries. Now in observing myself in this way, I better understand how the “my” is what brings the pain and suffering.


  3. Reshma says:

    Thanks aunty for you beautiful messages and food for thought!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Madhavi says:

      Reshma, thanks for your prompt to start writing again :).

  4. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi and it is certainly great to have you back!

    This is a very thought provoking post. The idea that we are not even “our” name takes the idea of non attachment to a whole nother level. I have recently been seeing how I am so attached to the labels and characteristics by and with which I define myself, and the ways in which they limit me and keep me in that small box. The progression that if I am not these things, then what am I, is one that to start with has been very uncomfortable. That desire for certainty, for identity; does it really contribute to my growth? I know at an intellectual level that there is so much more to it than my mind can conceive, yet I see that at the level of making this personal, it is another story entirely.

    Thank you for the invitation to explore further.

    With love

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