Affirmations That are Exciting my Soul Today

Isn’t the use of mantra and affirmation so amazing? Today I’m aware that when I repeat affirmations, prayer or mantras, I listen to it as I say it; and try to say it continuously with awareness, holding the present moment until the affirmation, prayer or mantra begins to stay in the mind very powerfully.  So it moves beyond just the voice. Even if I stop saying it, the repeating in the mind continues.  As it goes deeper, as I give attention and importance to it, it touches my heart and I become passionate about my prayer, affirmation or mantra. As I take that passion further, I begin to feel the power of it in my being.

Here are the affirmations that are exciting my soul today:

  • I am a spark of the Divine fire.
  •  I exist in a field of infinite possibilities.
  •  I am the master of my destiny.
  •  I am the master of my thoughts.

I’d love to hear your feelings about mantra and affirmation. How do you use them? Which do you find yourself using most often?


7 Responses to Affirmations That are Exciting my Soul Today

  1. Good post… Just killing some time browsing searches and found your site. Great looking page. I will have to save your blog to come back. Cheers Free Modern Warfare 3!

  2. Henk says:

    I experience in this second day of repeating the mantra “I’m strong and pwerful” that the mantra and energy builds. How awesome can it be, when repeated day after day, using a next mantra if necessary.

    The mantra “I’m the master of my thoughts” appeals to me very much and seems very feasible when repeated with awareness.

  3. Henk says:

    Today I started the day with the affirmation “I’m strong and powerful” as that is what my body needs at the moment (the next step, right in front me now). After a while I feel more powerful and strong as I combine the affirmation with the breath. As I got caught up in work during the day, I repeated concentrating on the breath and navel-area in combination with the mantra. It was striking that the repetition of “strong and powerful” brought me straight to the point of feeling more strong. As if my Being recognised and remembered the mantra and the energy with it. I thought to myself “hey, the mantra really works” :). It is amazing and it brought me a new awareness that I can use the mantra more. Why not use the powerfull tool?

    I like to use the So’ham-mantra very much with the breath. I like to observe from a point, from a distance, where I observe my body, the breath and the energy with it. A point where I like the silence, where the mantra “happens”.

    When reading the header of the message the sentence “everything is Consciousness” sprang to my mind. The affirmations I read above and below exite me very much as well. The word master inspires me a lot.

    Continuing with the mantra’s, Henk

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Thanks Henk I’m going to use “I am strong and powerful” mantra today.

  4. Marlene says:

    Oh, that sounds amazing, Manuel! I hope to get to that point eventually.

    The affirmation I am using at the moment is, “I am a peaceful, loving and joyous being.” As a result repeating it, it becomes a little more obvious to me when I am not being peaceful, loving or joyous and it helps me to get back on track more quickly.

  5. chanmadhavi says:

    Oh yes, “when the sense of self or “I” is lost, so nobody (or everything) is reciting.” Beautifully said.

  6. Manuel says:

    Very inspiring post. I like when the sense of self or “I” is lost, so nobody (or everything) is reciting.

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