Sahasrar: Aligned with the Infinite

The final two days of our intensive on “Multi-Dimensional Awareness – The Practice” focused on Sahasrara.

This focus has been a fitting finale to this intensive which has in itself been so rich with insights, revelations and a growing awareness of possibilities and purpose.  As set out in the material, contemplation of this centre can be daunting at times as it seems out of reach.  Yet we are encouraged by Sri Vasudeva to live in an awareness of infinite possibilities, whilst at the same time, being able to see clearly where we are.  As always, balance is important and it is important to see and celebrate the little glimpses that grace affords us when we so deserve.

There are at times, moments of fearlessness; moments in which we release our grip on the cage door which then opens enough to suggest the abundant possibilities which exist.  Words cannot do justice to the experience of such glimpses of the freedom beyond.  But we need to manage the ego to ensure that it is aligned with the Infinite; that our game plan is in accordance with the Universal plan; that we are on track in terms of fulfilling our purpose in this lifetime, with humility, with love and in service to the Divine.

Contemplation of Sahasrara coincided with Blue Star Canada’s Family Day at Cobourg.  It was a day of glorious sunshine and balmy weather, with lots of opportunity to meet and connect with friends both new and old, whilst honouring the Guru throughout.

May we be worthy of the Guru’s blessings as we continue our journeys together.


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