Unconditional loving of the Anahata

An update on our retreat from a participant:

Our focus for Day 7 of our intensive on “Multi-Dimensional Awareness – The Practice” has been on the Anahata chakra.  Having spent the previous three days focusing on Manipura, it felt somewhat strange to have ‘just’ one day on anahata.  However, Madhavi pointed out and reminded us that the exploration of the upper chakras will provide opportunities to look at their relationship with the heart centre.

The first exercise in the contemplation material involving an exploration of anahata qualities in another was a reminder of Madhavi’s earlier suggestion that we think about the qualities that we would wish to receive in our relationships and how we might give these to ourselves.  In discussing these anahata qualities as manifested in another, there was a consensus of opinion that one of the most striking qualities (of the many that we admire) of our Guru, Sri Vasudeva, was the unconditionality of his love, the extent and dimensions of which we can only begin to grasp.

This provided an opportunity for sober and honest self assessment of where we are now, in relation to that to which we aspire.  This self assessment was further encouraged when we examined our experience of love.  The recognition of the at times conditionality of how we express and engage with love is not a comfortable thing to see.  The need not only for persistence, but equally importantly, patience on the spiritual journey came up yet again.

A trip to the beach was an unexpected and lovely opportunity to connect with life as we observed and experienced ourselves in a different environment.  It gave us a chance to practice awareness of the other chakras as we took the time to appreciate the beauty and joy that is inherent in the duality of the human experience.

The relationship between anahata and both the upper and lower chakras was noted.  Whilst anahata is a powerful centre in its own right, the need for it to work in conjunction with the other centres is increasingly apparent.  As we grow in spiritual awareness, so too does the need to protect and manage anahata powerfully, particularly its expression via the lower centres.

After both our afternoon meditation and the chanting of the Shiva Mahimnah Stotram, we listened to a recording of Anandi singing the beautiful song, “The Rose.”  The soulful melody and poignant lyrics was a timely reminder of the need to continue to water and nurture the seeds of love that are in all of us.  It was a fitting end to our day of contemplation of anahata chakra.


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