Growing Appreciation for Manipura

We spent Days 4 to 6 of our intensive on “Multi-Dimensional Awareness – The Practice” focusing on the Manipura chakra.  The time and opportunity to stay with the exploration of this and other chakras continues to bring up powerful insights.  The safety of the space has supported and encouraged both the depth of exploration as well as the sharing of a wide range of personal experiences and challenges.

The power of this centre to energise the body has been put into practice as we continued with the ashram schedule and discipline, combined with the tiring impact of the deep spiritual work.  The power of the breath to tap into this centre has been explored as needed throughout the days to help us keep our energy ‘bank accounts’ topped up whilst proactively preventing energetic ‘overdraft’. 

The power of the breath to help keep us centred and present has been a very practical resource.  The breathing exercises have been used as part of silent meditations, and were found to be particularly useful as a way of preparing for these. 

Tapping into Manipura has shown us that it is possible to have strong and focused meditation even as the body is tired, especially when we bring other centres in to support.  This allowed us to appreciate that whilst we can focus on a particular chakra, they operate as a system and not in isolation of each other.  Furthermore, we started to appreciate the significance of the location of the Manipura chakra in the centre of both the physical and energy body, in terms of how it supports and helps us to work with both the lower and the upper chakras

The ongoing physical exercise and the seva continue to provide further opportunities to be more aware of the impact of different activities on our energy levels.  For instance, we experienced the uplifting effect of our morning walks in the crisp fresh Cobourg air, in spite of the early start to the days. 


We have also greatly benefited from and appreciated the loving attentions of Mira in preparing carefully planned and very delicious healthy meals, which has provided yet another opportunity for greater awareness of ourselves and our bodies.


The contemplation material and meditation practices for this chakra have also demonstrated the power of affirmations to support and deepen the practice.  The lack of resonance of some of the suggested affirmations has itself helped to reveal areas of weakness and vulnerability within ourselves.

Looking at the three lower chakras together, we have a growing appreciation for and understanding of their importance, both individually and collectively as a foundation for the spiritual journey in the human experience.  In this way, we were reminded of Guruji’s talk during the 40 Days 2011 (Day 23 – A Journey of Steps) on the importance of each step for a safe, secure and comfortable climb on the ladder of spiritual growth. 


What has your exploration and contemplation of Manipura chakra been like?



2 Responses to Growing Appreciation for Manipura

  1. Henriëtte &Wim says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    We combine this 12 day’s discipline by listening to Sri Vasudeva talks from the retreat of 2009 about the chakras (talk 32 e.f.); this retreat is very uplifting and energizing;
    It feels for both of us as if all chakra’s are given a boost,

    With love and thanks,

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Combining the discipline with the talks from 2009 is very good idea. Thanks so much for sharing it. luv madhavi

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