Participants comments on Swadishthan

Here are some comments from those who have been participating in our Meditation Intensive:

Day 3 of our intensive on “Multi-Dimensional Awareness – The Practice” focused on the second chakra, Swadhisthan.  It was a very interesting one for exploration and contemplation, bringing up some unique challenges for each one of us.  Some of our reflections follow:

The day was a lot about getting to know this chakra, which I sometimes neglect or avoid in favour of the upper ones.  Why do I do this?  It is part of us; it is a natural, part of who we are.  It adds another dimension to life.

Just be with it; explore it; experience it; revel in it.  It is sacred energy and as important as the others chakras.  I do not give appreciation or attention to the organs and tissues in that area as much as other areas of my body.  I need to value it at least equally.  It should be celebrated because we would not be here without it.

We can avoid this chakra or want to avoid it.  It is the pink elephant in the room; a taboo subject for many reasons, including fear, or the feeling that it is somehow immoral.  Yet we can allow sexual desire to be there without judging or acting on it.  I have to work with this chakra and not allow myself to get stopped.

Sexual energy makes life beautiful; it gives colour to life.  We often repress this powerful energy when we are not in a loving relationship.  If we do not manage this energy, it can keep us in relationships that are based solely on sexual chemistry and which are not loving.  I want to learn to channel the energy into other areas. 

This centre is as important as the other centres, yet I do not think of including it as part of my spiritual life.  I have thought of it as a superficial part of life but I want to express it consciously and responsibly, with balance. 

I do not fully understand this chakra.  I avoid it and suppress the energy and the desires as “bad.”  When I looked at this chakra, I was overwhelmed by everything that came up, my feelings of shame and the physical pain in that area.  It has been very uncomfortable all round but I am relieved that these things are coming into the light. 

How has the exploration of swadhisthan been for you?



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