Enjoying the Bounty of the Muladhara

We are here in Northumberland Heights, Cobourg on Day 2 of our intensive on “Multi-Dimensional Awareness – The Practice” and continuing with yesterday’s focus on the muladhara chakra.  Yesterday, we reflected on questions concerning our relationship with ourselves and our bodies.  During honest and personal reflection in the safety of Sacred Conversations in the gazebo, some of us shared our challenges, our feelings of disconnectedness, and our need for support.

There was a common feeling of frustration over what we see as our lack of progress and awareness.  When we want to change something in ourselves, we can get overwhelmed with the seeming enormity of it.  Sometimes, our desire for change means that we can be too general and non specific with our objectives, which can be self-sabotaging.  What is important though is that we identify and take small but concrete and manageable steps that we can continue with throughout the period of practice.

I shared that we might approach our relationship with ourselves and our bodies by thinking about what it is that we want from our relationships with others.  The idea of how we can be our own best friend has been an interesting one for contemplation.  Furthermore, when we assessed ourselves through discussion, we discovered instances in which we have been not only exploring our relationship with ourselves, but also honouring ourselves with more kindness and love.  It was exciting to see that we have already been using the energies of this chakra even though we were not fully aware of it.  This has provided a wonderful incentive for continued exploration of this chakra.

Today’s focus is a meditation practice for muladhara chakra, which is not just for sitting meditation.  We are exploring how we can contemplate and practice each stage of the guidance throughout the day to support the deepening of our sitting practice.  Within the context of those small, concrete and manageable steps, we are for example practicing how we can stand or sit consciously, acknowledging and enjoying our connection and rootedness to the earth.  When we are breathing, how we can use intention to direct the breath and prana to all or those parts of our body which might need particular attention.  How we can breathe into our bellies and tap into our store of energy when we need it.  How we can intend and send love to our bodies, which are truly a gift of creation.

We had a lovely walk this morning and one of us practiced using an affirmation to help keep an awareness of being connected to the earth and everything on the earth.  That allowed for insight into our essential connection with all of life and the many ways we are supported, at all times.  At Northumberland Heights, we are experiencing the benefits of practicing and sharing with each other.  We are connecting with those who are not physically present who are co-creating the field with us through their participation in the practice.  We are very grateful for the support of each other and our Guru, Sri Vasudeva, and all the Beings of Light who are holding us in that space.


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