Prana and fresh fruit

In response to Henk’s comment about the post on Experiencing the abundance of prana in fresh foods today I’ll give more details about the practice. Before I go into it I have to say that doing the breathing exercises helps me to have a greater sensitivity to prana so all the posts on this topic are linked with each other.

Lets first create the intention and ask for grace that we may be able to perceive the life force or prana in a small fruit for example a grape, a berry or a slice of apple. Then I try to expand my awareness of the fruit – how it looks, feels, smell. I begin to get a sense of it’s freshness, it’s aliveness. I hold the fruit in my hands while sending prayers of gratitude to all who have contributed to getting this fruit to me, and to the earth, plants, natural enviroment for nurturing this fruit, that all may be blessed.

I take a small bite, as small as I can make it. As I chew I keep an awareness of how my teeth is grinding the fruit, the flavors that are flooding my mouth, how the texture of the fruit is impacting my tongue, teeth and mouth. I keep chewing for as long as possible so that the fruit is thoroughly liquified. Then I swallow, following the movement of the juice as it goes down my throat and into my stomach. I pause to savor the experience. I continue eating the fruit.

Now I look to see how this fruit has impacted on physical body and my subtle energy body. Since it’s a small fruit the impact is subtle. My system feels lighter, more refreshed, lifted up, just like when I do breathing exercises.

Try this out and let me know how it works.


4 Responses to Prana and fresh fruit

  1. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine….. truly spiritual experience…..

    eternity is dancing on eternity like football… our soul inside the body….. timeless in time ….

    purpose of life is to mirror the eternal ….neither light nor darkness…..neither past nor future…. which is present….love….beauty …happiness …..all feeling….and to feel one need to be sensitive and for that we have finest and most expensive body machine with ten senses …..

    Like our body what ever we eat…..knows only language of essence and waste…..body accepts essence in form of blood … is flushed out as waste….

    so all our senses should know the language of essence….
    so what ever we consume through these senses should bring the
    essence as love, beauty , happiness and present…….

    knowing this language of essence is spirituality….

    and you know this language well.

    love all.

  2. Henk says:


    Thank you, Madhavi. I’m about to head to the market to buy a lot of fruits as I usually do. Cherries and strawberries are in season and our garden has some raspberries, so I can go for the practice. I’ll let you know.

    All my love, Henk

  3. Cathy Ol says:

    Thank you for posting it Madhavi. I will do it and let you know. Love from Cathy

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Thanks Cathy!

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