Expanding awareness of Ida & Pingala Energies

Today I want to explore my awareness of how I interact with my world and the link with prana. At the start of the day I am revitalizing my self with the breath awareness exercise I described a few days ago. I am noticing which nostril is active.  Energy comes through the nostrils. The two nadis (energy chanels) are connected to the two nostrils, so when I breathe through the right and left nostril, energy comes through the ida and pingala channels. Ida is the right channel and pingala is the left channel.

Take a moment to notice which nostril is active in you in this moment? 🙂

The ida nostril gives us a passive energy experience. The pingala gives us an active energy experience. When we breathe through the ida or the left nostril we are in the restful mode and this is associated with the tamas quality, the passive quality. When we breathe in through the pingala or right nostril we experience the active, dynamic mode and this is associated with the rajas quality.

I have a very active morning and afternoon planned so I will use the pingala (left nostril) energy to support me. I will take pauses to recharge during the day and use the ida (right nostril) energy to give me periods of quiet.

I anticipate expanding on this exercise tomorrow. It’s easier to practice small steps don’t you find?


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