Experiencing the abundance of prana in fresh foods

Yesterday we talked about filling up our system with subtle energy using  the breath.

Today I want to continue with the theme this time I want to expand my awareness  of the pranic energy in the foods I eat. ‘Prana’ is life force and also exists in food. I seek to deepen the experience of the abundance of prana in fresh fruits.  As I eat them, I want to observe how my physical  body is nourished and to feel that extra vitality as my body picks up the prana.

I will observe my energetic state before I start eating, then during the process of eating and after my meal has digested. I will probably be able to observe better if I pause briefly while eating and maybe eating slowly to give myself ample opportunity to pick up the signals. This practice will help me to make food choices that can support my spiritual practice.

I look forward to the experience of my meals as an opportunity to expand my awareness. I’d like to hear your experiences with this practice.


One Response to Experiencing the abundance of prana in fresh foods

  1. Henk says:


    I have tried this practice with eating fruits and my meals.
    I experience that I need more practice to really feeling the prana from the food. I can feel it with the breath, but I have to try more to feel it with food.

    I mentally know what food eat and what not and I feel emotionally happier when I eat “my” own food instead from a supermarket. And I can feel the difference with the amount I eat, filling to 75% gives me more peace in my body than filling up to a 100%. But I am having difficulty in feeling the energy from the food.

    I will keep on trying this practice, because I would like to master this too. The practice itself does bring me to a more expansive state of observing, that’s what I like already 🙂

    All my love, Henk

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