Where we’ve come and where we’re going

We’ve completed a review of Sri Vasudeva’s 40 messages 2011. It has given me a better appreciation of my soul’s purpose, the need to take better care of my physical body, to be more aware of my mental and emotional space and to seek to keep that constant connection with a higher power.

Throughout this review I became aware of short comings within myself and I sought to address them, seeking help from someone stronger and more centered when I didn’t know how to move forward.

I want to thank you for your company, your encouragement and the inspirations you shared. Together we co-created a very supportive field. How was the review for you? Was it beneficial? Do you have ideas about where we’d like to go from here? I’d love to get your point of view.


One Response to Where we’ve come and where we’re going

  1. Henk says:

    Interesting question. Where do I like to go from here.

    First off, the review was beneficial, although I have the compelling feeling of still “having to go through” a lot of the messages as I had less time to spent on the 40 Days than previous years. Even now I find that my day is less structured and I’m going more with the flow. My aim is to make and keep the deepest connection with a higher power as possible. Meditation in action is what I am doing more instead of sitting meditations. But I experience more peace during the day with a start of a sitting meditation.

    Where do I want to go? Start my day with a sit 🙂 Seek out and clear all obstacles to that connection. Making a gameplan of how to overcome obstacles. Feeding my desire.

    Lastly: Madhavi, when I think of you, Gurudev, Muktananda and Nityananda I feel a deep sense of gratituide.
    A true and, as far as I can sense, a boundless “thank you”.

    All my love, Henk

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