Deal with Challenges in our Relationships

Day 40: Let us talk about when relationships are stressful. Sometimes we want to keep away from people and situations saying, “This is too stressful for me, so I am going to move away from it in a way of escape. If I move away from it I will be fine.”  Little do we know that we can move away from situations but we carry them inside! They become a part of our soul. So we carry those stressful elements inside. Sometimes we may think, “Well, okay I am away from it so I am fine.  I am truly well.”

But, we are really unstable inside because if this comes up in any space of ours, it is volatile; it can erupt inside again. Is that real stability? Is that true well-being when you carry these things inside? They are hidden very deep and they can rise at any time. In the world you cannot predict whom you will meet, what will happen in any situation. Also, when you move away from one kind of person thinking, “Okay, I am moving away from this individual so I can be safe,” but there are many individuals in our world of the same type. We are likely to face these individuals anywhere we go: at the work place or in social circles. What happens when we do?

The worst is when we carry these things deep in our soul. When they enter our minds: the enmity, the bitterness, ‘unforgiveness’, jealousy, anger. When these enter the sacred space of our soul and live there, whether hidden or conscious, they interfere with our well-being. They interfere with our path to freedom and happiness.

Look deeply inside; Deal with the Issues

It is important to learn how to work on these relationships inside of yourself first. When you have made enemies in the world, the tendency is to blame everyone else around you for what is happening. Look deep within you and see if this is within your being; if it shows a weakness within your being. If what you don’t like outside of you, is inside of you, and that is why you are rejecting it. It is a call to look deeply.

When you are angry about something outside, it can be perhaps that same quality lies within and you don’t like it within you, so you fight with it outside of you. We therefore need to deal with those issues inside until they can become clear on the inside, until we have no enemies anywhere, till we forgive from the inside, that we may be free in our consciousness.

See Everything as Part of Yourself

The real invitation is to come into a space where we can see that everything around us is a divine expression, and our soul is connected to everything around us. At the deepest level we are connected. We are one at the deepest level. Another human being exists in that same soul space as us in that consciousness. We share a common world of mental energy and emotional energy, so even though we may be in a space and we are physically separated, our emotional beings and mental beings are connecting at deeper levels. That is why when something happens to one, it affects us because those energies are coming into our being.


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