Transformative possibilities in illness

 DAY 39:

Disease can become a blessing for the wise seeker and can be an agent of transformation.  I said, “wise seeker,” because the ignorant becomes a victim immediately, cursing life.  But the wise will begin to question: “Why did this disease appear?  What is it saying to me?  What is the experience that I am going to get from this?  What is the learning outcome of this?”  That itself can be an amazing exploration that can transform our entire consciousness and help us to deal with the situation in a much better and more enlightened way.

Can a disease help us to appreciate our body a little more and the gift that it is?  Can a disease help us to come into a place of greater emotional freedom, by learning to forgive and to rise above anger?  Can a disease drive us to move beyond the belief system; to come into a space where we could actually believe and realise that there is a part of us without disease?  Can it drive us to see that immortal part of us or to get into a closer connection with the higher self, with the God within?  These are sober facts that a soul interested in transformation should engage in: the transformative element in a disease; the transformative process in looking at disease, and; in the experience of a disease.

There is a space within us where our consciousness experiences immortality, we cannot die, we will not die.  The body may be ill, we may have an emotional block, we may have a mental belief that challenges us.  But there is a space inside of us where we can meet every challenge with power, with strength, with faith, with higher awareness.  The invitation really is to come into a place where we can prevail; to come into a space of immortal consciousness.  That is the place that will liberate us from all disease and from the idea of disease consciousness.  Of course if we think carefully, ignorance (ignorance of who we are) is the worst disease in the human experience.  Ignorance of who we are makes us a victim of every other disease.

Coming into the consciousness of who we are, coming into that immortal consciousness of who we are, is what will help  us to live masterfully in the human experience and to meet with any form of illness from a space of strength and immortality.  This is where I look at the whole experience of disease and having to deal with it around me.

Transforming Consciousness

When I have to deal with people who are terminally ill, my joy is helping them to come into a place where they can feel that there is no illness within them. They can understand the scenario of the illness; why the illness is there and they can appreciate the experience as a blessing.  It gives me great joy to help that person to come into that space.  Whenever I meet with someone with illness, I am always showing them how to change the consciousness, how to transform the consciousness and to see the blessing of this event.

This is an invitation to you to take a liberating view of disease; a view that can help us to make the next step in our evolving consciousness as a soul.

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