Food Influences our Spiritual Journey

Day 36: Today, we look at the influence of food on our well-being.

First, let us look at the effect of the quantity of food that we eat. Some of us, we consume right up to the top of the stomach, and then we take some appetizers to eat a little more. Is that eating to live or living to eat? When you do that, you overload this wonderful organ within you, that we call the stomach, that tries to help you by digesting your food with its movement and chemicals. Poor stomach! Now it is so overfilled, it gets sluggish, consumes a lot of prana, uses a lot of blood flow, just for digestion – living to eat. In that kind of scenario, we feel a little dull in the senses. We want to sleep, the body is tired. We do not realize it is because of this quantity of food that we have eaten. In the science of yoga we are told that it is best to fill three quarters of the stomach and leave a quarter as space. Because of the way the stomach works, it is better to leave a little room, so when the food is moving inside there is space to move.

We should be observant as to how we prepare food. What is the idea of preparing this food? Isn’t it to get the most out of the food? Shouldn’t we be using the best quality of food? Shouldn’t we be preparing it in such a way that we do not destroy the essential nutrients in the food? We, who are so wise, gifted with this wonderful brain, we overcook the food destroying nutrients and we overfill the stomach and we expect the best. The body is supposed to transform this now into wonderful energies for our well-being.

The process of feeding your body, which carries the soul, should be a sacred process because the body is a temple of your spiritual being. We have a responsibility for what we eat. It influences our journey. It influences our meditation. It influences our awareness, and especially so, when we are now growing on the journey. When we become powerful, we can transform the food with our powerful minds, but until then as we are growing, we need to give attention to what we eat, how much we eat and how we eat.


One Response to Food Influences our Spiritual Journey

  1. Henk says:


    I always thought that I ate and drank the best I could (or at least for 90% 🙂 ), but this message inspires me to take it to the hundred and further. The processing of food, trying to grow food and trying to explore the impact food has on me and my journey.

    I took the liberty to take some parts of the message and to print them and hang it in my kitchen, quoting Gurudev. The words “a sacred process” strike me deeply. Do I respect my body, something so precisious, when I eat standing, in a hurry? I have a strong desire to make it a sacred process.

    Thank you so much for this message.

    All my love, Henk

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