Engage the Chakras to Work for You

I am just about to head to our retreat center in Cobourg for a weekend of workshops with Sri Vasudeva.  I will be thinking of you and sharing the inspiration :).

Day 35: When you begin your day, it is important to be centered in your energy being.  You need to come into soul consciousness as best as you can. This is when you can really work better with the body. When you come into spiritual consciousness, you become aware of the Manipura chakra, then begin to use the chakras, use the Manipura. Breathe until you could feel there is prana in the body and the body will actually want to become more active.

Also ensure that you bring the heart chakra in, so that you have a passion, you really honour the body and begin enjoying the body. Create a passion for the body. Bring in the brow center with focus and vision. Visualize the kind of body you want. Visualize how healthy you want to be and hold that vision very firmly, supporting the lower chakras. Hold in your mind the importance of good health.

Be Body Conscious while Spiritually Centered

Then if you are able to access more of the crown, you will fill the body with great peace as you do everything in wonderful stillness, in connection to the Source of all vitality, all love, all mental strength. Your body will then enjoy the experience of being alive, healthy and fit. It is the consciousness that is important; and it is the focus that is important as we support that base chakra.

Staying in the base chakra allows you to ground in the world and enjoy physical activities, in the same way as the ignorant person who is completely at the base. You will enjoy just like them, full of vitality, full of physical consciousness, but in a space of freedom. The one who is totally ignorant feels a lot of physical power. You can too, in a higher consciousness if you are grounded in the Muladhara. You will feel the strength of Muladhara whilst in a higher consciousness. That is the joy of being spiritually conscious and physically centered. Amazing is the power of spirituality in the human experience.


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