Boosting Emotional Well-being

Today we see the subject of Emotional Intelligence appearing. Instead of just measuring someone’s IQ, we are finding it important to measure someone’s E I, the level of “Emotional Intelligence”. This means the ability to be emotionally appropriate in a situation, for our own good and for the good of the space. So Emotional Intelligence is all about being appropriate in terms of our emotional posture to bring out the best in our relationships, even if it is a relationship with our own physical body. What is it saying to us? –That we need to be aware of every emotion that passes our consciousness. We need to be aware! How many of us are really aware of what anger does to us? Or what hate does? Or what “unforgiveness” does? What loneliness and fear do to us? It is a stressful experience when it stays within. When you are aware of this, then that is an invitation to come to a deeper place of loving. That is where the chakra of the eyebrow comes in. Using the intellect we begin to ask, “How can I love in a deeper way? How can I move my love another step?” That is wisdom. It is then we can begin to protect the heart, to open up the heart. So the head needs to protect the heart. On the journey, therefore, we need to stay in awareness of the emotions that are in our space and to use our intelligence, our wisdom to use the appropriate emotion that will open up our inner space of consciousness to higher qualities, and be able to manage lower emotions. So, we need to go to the Rudra granthi on the journey to bring out the fullness of love. And the head or wisdom chakra must support that.


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