Process of Realizing the Ultimate Power of Mantra

Day 32: When we repeat affirmations, prayer or mantras, the first step is to listen to it as we say it; and say it continuously with awareness, holding the present moment until the affirmation, prayer or mantra begins to stay in the mind very powerfully.  So it moves beyond just the voice. Even if you stop saying it, the repeating in the mind continues.  As it goes deeper, as you give attention and importance to it, it touches the heart and you become passionate about your prayer, affirmation or mantra. As you take that passion further, you begin to feel the power of it in your being.  You begin to realise the fruit of the mantra or the prayer or the affirmation.  You begin to feel it as an experience in your being.  You become what you are praying for, what you are affirming, or where the mantra is leading you.  The ultimate is to become exactly what you are saying, repeating or intending.

Mantra – Powerful Tools on the Journey

How powerful these tools are to hold us in that energy; to hold our mind in a very positive and protective space; to keep us aligned to our vision, and; to hold us to our journey.  I love to use these so that I can energise my physical body; I can energise my being in the human experience and I can create harmony in the space around me.  Do not overlook these, these are powerful tools on the journey.  Use them.


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