Secrets to Peace of Mind

Day 31: It is important to remember that you can live in the world, you can be involved in everything and still have that inner space of freedom and true well-being as you go on. Here are a few tips that can help you in dealing with this. First is the need to really understand that there is Divine Order in the Universe; that everything that happens, happens for a reason. There is meaning and purpose in every event! So immediately you understand this, there is an acceptance of what is, and there is a desire to use this awareness to take you deeper. If everything is in Divine Order around me, then this is happening for a purpose, whatever it is. I need to see the meaning of this. What does it mean for me?  What lesson does it have for me? What is my learning outcome from this event?  What is the blessing that I am receiving in terms of my spiritual growth?  When we begin to look at that, then we become excited about becoming stronger to overcome our weaknesses; if our weakness is exposed in events around us.

Then there is the other point of surrendering. When you see Divine Order then you want to surrender. You would not want to fight with the things around you.   You want to learn, you want to accept them and then you want to align your will with the Universal Will. That brings a lot of peace of mind. When you see that circumstances around you are leading in a particular direction, you don’t want to fight with that! That is the Universe you are fighting with.  You want to understand the situation completely and you want to align your will with that Universal Will. That is the mark of a wise person. And that brings a lot of peace of mind and a great surge of energy from your soul as you begin to align your will with the Universal or Divine Will.

Therefore, when you begin to observe these principles that I have given to you, peace of mind will be there.  Even though you might be challenged, you understand how to surrender, you look carefully at the object of your desire and how firm you are, so that you do not give your power away to any other pattern of behaviour in you that will lead you away from your goal.  So, you are discriminating and you maintain a discipline of behaviour,  thinking and  acting that is in line with your desire – your vision.  Once you do that, there is integration inside. Peace of mind is easy.  When you sit, the mind becomes your friend.


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