Holistic look at Well being

Day 27: Emotional well-being is where passion comes from, is where emotion comes from.  You know very well what fear can do to us, what love can do to us, what compassion can do to us, what kindness can do to us, what faith can do to us, what hope can do to us.  You know what these emotions can do to us in the human experience.  When we are hijacked by negative emotions, we lose our power.  Hence the need for the intellect to observe what is happening, and protect and open up the heart; the emotional being. The intellect needs to be the driver, working marvellously and harmoniously with the heart.  Then reason and passion can work powerfully in the human experience. That is a very powerful partnership.  Apart from this partnership of intellect and Higher Self, there is a wonderful partnership of intellect and heart.  Of course the Higher Self is always there, inspiring.

Live in Harmony with the Body and Avoid Distractions

Then there is the physical.  The physical is the chariot.  It is driven by the spiritual being.  It has basic needs and the wise person in the human experience will look after the chariot (the physical vehicle), because if this physical vehicle is challenged on the journey, all the attention has to go now to the physical vehicle.

Then social well-being: we live in a co-existence with other life forms. When there is harmonious co-existence, the feedback of energy towards us can be uplifting.  When there is disharmony in that co-existence, it can also pull us down in terms of well-being.  We need to know how to interact or relate to our world, to other living forms in this co-existence; so there is the need for social well-being on the journey.

Think Holistic

So here it is; we need to look at every aspect of well-being if we really want to enjoy this human experience.  So we continue the conversation.  We need to think in a holistic way.


One Response to Holistic look at Well being

  1. Henk says:


    What the message brought for me today, this time, was the thought and feeling that I sometimes get overwhelmed by everything I can do, spiritually and in the world; working on the breath, discipline, different centers, eating the right food, loving everybody as much as possible, working with love and attention. I can lose myself at times in doing and choosing different aspects.

    The message brought for me the most important thing in life and that is what is key for me. Make that connection as far as I can and from there work on all the others aspects of my Being, body, emotions, my outer world. So note for myself, make that connection, maintain it or come back to it as often as possible.

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