The Universe responds to those who take charge

Day 26: When will we wake up to our true power? And that is where the Rudra Granthi is.  It is a place inside of us where we begin to take charge of our own journey.  That is when it becomes a joy for me to coach, to lead or to guide someone.  When I see Rudra Granthi awakened and I see the person begins to take charge of the journey, I am excited!  When are we going to take charge of our journey?

If you are on a journey to freedom and to true well-being, you need to take charge at some point, saying, “I am going to achieve what I want to achieve.” If you want to stay healthy don’t put that in the hands of others: doctors, the person preparing your meals, people who have to inspire you to exercise, remind you to do it. Take charge! Eat what you need to eat; exercise when your body requires it; rest when the body requires it. Go to the doctor when you need some advice or support. Take charge of your journey: your journey to healing, your journey to well-being, your journey of preventing illness; your journey of staying well.

Look for your tools. They are right there within you and if you find that you are in the Vishnu Granthi area and that you need support, use the support from around you.  Use those who inspire you, keep their company but whilst you are doing that, tell yourself, “I do not want to be dependent.  I want to be a light as well. I want to be able to support people as well. I want to be independent. I want to be strong in my being. I want to be like the master. I want to be like those whom I admire.”

Your destiny is to be awakened.  Your destiny is not to be a slave to anyone, but to be a master of your senses and a master of your journey. That is your destiny! It is time to take responsibility. Don’t put responsibility in the hands of others for your well-being, for your career, for your life, for your relationships. This goes for anything you want to accomplish in life; anything  that your soul is driven to accomplish. Take charge! The Universe is going to respond to those who take charge. There is a saying  God helps those who help themselves. Come into that space where you can take charge of your journey. Ultimately, you have to, so why not do it now! Today!

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