The more Secure the Foothold; the Safer the Climb

Day 23: This journey to true well-being is a journey of steps. If you look carefully at a ladder, you will see a series of steps, the rungs on the ladder are meant to take us from one point to another. How do you think the ladder is designed? Those who are designing a ladder will want to design it with the idea of safety and the use of minimum material, as wasting material is wasting money. They therefore put just the number of steps that are needed for a comfortable climb.

The more Secure the Foothold; the Safer the Climb

The beauty of every step is that one allows you to reach the other. If you take out a step, then the ladder becomes unsafe. So every step is important for a safe, secure and a comfortable journey. We need to remember this on our journey to that place inside of true well-being. When we have an idea of where we want to go, this wonderful vision of where we want to go, some of us may become impatient.  We cannot reach there fast enough, wanting to jump many steps ahead, not thinking that we may stumble on the way; and that our steps may not be secure. Would that be the way you want to journey?

Then if you look at life itself you may think, “What is my life’s purpose? Why did I come into the world?”  What are the steps? Generally, as we begin to deal with life, we end up with emotional or mental crises, or relationship crises. If we think carefully, we will see right there before us, the Universe is telling us what the next steps are. Do we have family issues? The next step of the journey is right there!  Do we have relationship issues? The next step is right there. Do we have issues of self-control? Do we have issues of indulgence, greed, thirst for pleasure? Do we have power issues? The next steps are right there!


2 Responses to The more Secure the Foothold; the Safer the Climb

  1. chanmadhavi says:

    Namaskar Madhuri

    Glad you are enjoying!


  2. Madhuri says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    I really enjoyed the lift from reading over today’s post about it also being a journey of steps. A process to be patient with. Really resonated with me. A message to print off and contemplate.

    With many many thanks and much appreciation for these daily reminders.


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