Where are we headed? A vision of true Well Being

Sometimes we think we are stable.  We believe something, and when that is shattered at some point, we are distraught.  We think we are loving beings and we have found some stability in loving but even that is challenged if we are not in that true space inside.  In the physical world of course, we are so vulnerable to disease, duality, aging and physical death.  That is sure to come in the physical experience, so can you say that we will be ultimately well in the physical level, no chance.  We can hope for optimum health but the body is going to shut down at some point, it is going to age. We can hope to age gracefully. We hope we can maintain this machine, but it can take effort as it grows older with a true understanding. We can hope this biological machine will die out of wear and tear and not degeneration.  So there is a story.

True well-being is not just about eating right.  It is not just about exercising.  It is not just about thinking positive thoughts or just about manifesting love.  It is about going to that place inside where you can continue to manage your thoughts no matter how much the mind is challenged.  You can look at the mind from another space and you can manage the mind.  When you become emotionally challenged, you can observe the space and manage the emotions. When you are physically challenged, you can stand back in that place where you are already happy and contented inside and meet with the experience of “dis-ease” from a place of fearlessness. You know you are centered in a place where you will never die; where you are immortal in your being and you can watch the world of change.  You can observe the world of change from that place of changeless being, immersed in your immortality, in your peace, in your place of true well-being.  That is the place where we need to go.  That is the vision.


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