Three Types of Seekers

Day 21: The first seeker knows that it has to go somewhere; it knows that this is not the plane, but is so hopelessly caught in this pleasure domain (sensory pleasure) that it completely sidelines this inner remembering. Of course, it knows very well – the seeker can give you a good lecture on what the goal is. They will tell you, but they are completely caught in the material experience. They worship those who are freedom seekers, who are making the journey, “Oh my God, these are great people.” They become iconic to them. But they are so hopelessly caught.

The second kind of seeker is one who knows, and one who practices, but it is a lower priority. They have more important things in the world to get done. In the list of priorities, the spirituality or the spiritual seeking takes a little lower priority. They say, “Well, a little later on, right now I am so busy with so many things that I have to do, so this can wait for a little bit later.” Of course, for some of them, when the body shuts down too soon, they have missed the boat. They were waiting for later on to practice, but the body shut down on them. You know how that can be; it can lead to a lot of misery, while the body is shutting down.

The third kind of seeker is the one who the moment they become awakened to something, they grab it. It stays in the mind, it never leaves, and it transforms everything that they do. No matter where they are, this thought is present in them. No matter how involved they are in the activities of the world, it is not forgotten. It is always there, on the forefront of the mind. These seekers make their active world a part of their seeking. Whilst they are in the world, they are using the world itself to help them in their seeking. This is the third kind of seeker. What is amazing about this seeker is the moment they understand, the moment the knowledge becomes clear in their mind, it transforms them completely; it stays with them forever.

Now you can well imagine that the Universe would respond differently to each seeker. Where do you fall in this category? Are you a mixture? Are you in any particular one? And where would you like to be – in terms of seeking?


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