The Need for Firmness in Driving the Chariot of Life

Day 20: In the analogy of the body as a chariot, the traveler in the chariot is that soul inside, the self inside.  That spiritual being is the traveler.  The chariot has horses and it has a charioteer who is driving the chariot.  The charioteer is able to drive the chariot or guide the chariot because there are reins holding the horses.  If we look at the analogy closely, who is the charioteer within us if this body is a chariot?  The intellect, the reasoning part of us; that is the charioteer.

The reason for this analogy is that all of these need to be working together. If the horses are having their own way, the reins are slack, and the charioteer is half asleep, what is going to happen? You know where that chariot may end up?  In a ditch somewhere because the horses decided that they wanted to do what they wanted.  Do you see sometimes why our bodies become wrecked, damaged, destroyed?  It is because the senses are not under control.  The intellect is not firmly established as the guide.  The mind is loose; loose thoughts, stray thoughts.  For the traveler to have a smooth journey, the charioteer has to be firmly in control.  The reins have to be tight, firm.  The senses (horses) have to be guided, and we have to ensure that we are along the right road, because there are many roads.  We need to ensure that the desires that we are entertaining with the senses, are going to lead us to exactly where the traveler wants to go; where the soul needs to go on the journey to freedom.


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