Developing True Body Awareness

Day 19: Your body is a very sensitive being or creature. It is sensitive to the food you eat.  It is sensitive to stress. It is sensitive to adverse environmental changes. It is sensitive to the subtle energy of spaces. It is sensitive to the air that you breathe and the water that you drink. It is sensitive to planetary influences. But are you aware of what happens to the body in these different situations? And its needs when it meets with those adverse situations?  Are you really in touch with your body?

Look at this simple case for example, the way we prepare food to the extent that we mask the true taste of the food substance.   We have masked it in a way to fool the body. How would we know then what the body really needs, unless we eat the food in a raw state, or minimally cooked? When you go to the dinner table and you sit to eat, you can consume more than the body needs simply because you have masked the taste of the food.

Take another case: your body needs rest. Do you really treat with that appropriately, as the body needs it? Or do you and your overdrive deny the body its true needs?

Are you really in touch with your body’s needs: the need to stretch, to exercise, to breathe deeply? Your heart also needs to be exercised.

In your interactions with people, are you aware of what happens to your body?  When you get angry, when you get bitter, when you are unforgiving, do you see what is happening inside of your body? Are you seeing what is happening to your body under stress?   Your body gets into a situation of hyper activity, and if you allow that to remain for long something is going to happen in the body, affecting your well-being. Organs are going to be adversely affected.

When the body is relaxed do you see what happens to it? Do you see when you are embracing loving emotions what happens to the body?

I am asking you to be more body aware. I am asking you to really look at your body’s needs and to see if you are treating with it in the right way. I am asking you to understand your body more. Listen to its signals; don’t overlook them because of your passion and your ambition for other things in the human experience, that you overlook the beautiful gift that you have been given – a human body with its own intelligence, a product of Nature designed so beautifully.


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