Chakras – Positive and Negative sides

Day 17: As we journey this path opening up the consciousness, we experience both the limitations of the chakras and also their powerful qualities. There is a range of experiences in every chakra. When we are held or hijacked in the limited experiences of a chakra, it can sometimes be referred to as “the dark area” of the chakra because it leads us into more misery, pain and disharmony.  When we become more spiritually awakened and we experience the positive side of the chakras, (and you may refer to that as the side that involves the Light), then this promotes well-being at every level.

You therefore need to look at the different chakras to see where are you now in the experience? Are you caught up in thoughts and ideas? Do you feel empowered in your being that you can do it? Are you still caught up in the lower area where the emotions are fluctuating, and your attention is still on the worldly things? Are you caught up in the navel area where you are trying to use all your vitality to gain more in the human experience?  Are you caught up in sexuality where you are unable to manage these desires and thoughts?  Are you still so caught up in the human physical experience that you want to amass more wealth and seek to promote survival? Are you caught in the positive side of the chakra or the negative side of the chakra? Where are you caught?


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