Observe the Energies Involved in Activity

I remember walking slowly with an awareness of each step at the ashram as I looked for the energy behind the movement. From my experience I know it’s possible to feel it. Lets all try to expand our awareness as Guru describes in this excerpt on Day 16: So long as you identify with the physical body as being you, then you are identified with a limited consciousness – that of aging, that of disease, that of death. And, you are subjected to the fluctuations in the human consciousness, where the body is driven helplessly by hormones, by planetary influences, by cravings, addiction, by environmental impact. You become subjected to all of these, as a soul captured in the human experience. So this transition into spiritual consciousness is extremely important. Then you begin to understand that you are different from the body. You feel more than the body. Of course you occupy the body, you feel human consciousness, you know it, you experience it, but you also know that you are more than just the physical body. I am really urging you to try to go into this experience.

When you walk, you will begin to feel that you are more than just a human body walking. It is possible. I know some of you  you may think, “This is a large stretch. How do I experience this?” But it is possible. When you are walking, give a little more attention to the walking. Where is my energy coming from as I walk? What are the other energies involved in the walking? Begin to look at every step you make. If you give a little more awareness to what is really happening, and there is any awakening of spiritual consciousness in you, you will begin to realize that more is involved in this walking. There are many energy exercises, like chi exercises of QiGong and Tai Chi, which promote this awareness. The Master will have you do it again and again, until you begin to feel that there are some other energies involved in these motions.


2 Responses to Observe the Energies Involved in Activity

  1. chanmadhavi says:

    “Walking with awareness is like merging with the energy of Mother Earth.” ….Love it… Thank you Cathy

  2. Cathy Ol says:

    Madhavi, what a great post. Walking with awareness is like merging with the energy of Mother Earth.
    Much Love

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