Physical body- an amazing vehicle

We think, in our ignorance that we are the physical body, we promote the physical body as though it is the end of everything.  We live to eat; we live for sexuality; we live to amass wealth in the human experience; we live to enjoy human power but we are never satisfied with that.  Caught up in the human experience we abuse the body, the poor body. Do you know how you abuse this body, in your ignorance; the soul being captured? By overeating; eating the wrong kinds of food, and not exercising the body. We produce a lot of toxins from what we eat, what we drink, how we think, and the amount of stresses within us and then we forget to do the things to release these toxins from the system, so we live with toxic bodies.  The body degenerates because of our life styles and the way we think.  We then become shocked when the heart of the body gives problems or when the body becomes ill.  We are shocked, unaware that we have not been taking care of the body, in a proper way.

It is important to know the physical body.  If you have a job to take care of a machine, you need to understand everything about the machine so you can operate it correctly and how it is maintained so you can get the full life of the machine.  Now, how well do you know your physical body, this wonderful biological machine?  It was designed especially for you, the Soul.


2 Responses to Physical body- an amazing vehicle

  1. Dinny says:

    Wow, I got what I wanted

  2. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine….good post…..

    our body is our Guru or teacher because of this only we can know God….

    love all…..

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