Is there more?

When the soul becomes tired, worn out, beaten in the human experience, it begins to search for more. It begins to remember, now that it has the intention to search for more, it wants more power, it wants more freedom, it wants a better form of pleasure so it begins to search.  Now it will begin to remember some of its power, and that is when the chakras from the Manipura up to the brow and eventually the crown centre begin to pulsate, because now the soul is going back into its deeper soul memory and seeking to remember the power that it had. That desire to know more is therefore very important in the human experience. So no matter where you are, if you get caught in just enjoying the glamour of a certain chakra, you need to remember that there is more. So on this journey, if you want to be fully established in the highest place in your Being, in the highest form of consciousness, you need to ask the question, “Is there more?”


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