Using all my chakras to enjoy the human experience

Day 12: We have seven chakras within us and each one brings us a new dimension of experience in the human experience. They are all interconnected because they are involved with different areas of human activity: sexuality, vitality, emotions, vocal activity, communication, mental activity, understanding, focus, reasoning. Chakras are in our spiritual body, in our Soul and they allow us to influence the human experience from that space.

When we are focused on one area like the physical world, for example, collecting wealth, having pleasure, giving attention to the body and promoting the body consciousness, then we are focused on the lowermost chakra.  When we engage in sexual activity and we come into sexual consciousness we are involved in the second chakra.

Deep within us there is a desire to be a master, to be free, to be able to manage the experience of life. That is why we always seek more and we seek to be on top of things. We seek to want to control things.  If we take any area of human activity, we are being drawn into the use of all the areas within us, if we really want to master anything.

When I am getting involved in taking care of my body, I want to have a vision for it.  I want to have a goal for it. I want to know where I am going and so I am employing my brain in a better way. I want to reason out the steps.  I want to monitor my performance and I want to measure it, I want to see how I perform in my daily life. Then I am using all my chakras and tapping into my soul energy to be able to fully master this.

If you take any area of human activity, even if you are trying to improve your voice or even if you are involved in drama, it calls for using your intelligence or your brain in a more powerful way: vocal skills, communication skills, also vitality – you need to have a vital presence. Then in grounding yourself, you need that.  If you take up drama it invites you to use your whole self in a better way. You are going to search to master the art, and this will take you to explore deeper areas of your Being and allow you to experience the totality of your self.

I want to enjoy this human experience in a deeper way. I want to create a passion that is going to last. Then it is seeking to open up the emotions in a different way. I want to learn to communicate with my world in a better way; then it is seeking vocal skills, communication skills.  The soul, in trying to go deeper into its experience in the human experience begins to invite the different chakras into opening. When we begin to seek, information is going to come as to how to go deeper. That is the way of Grace in the Universe. Then we will be living as a complete human being.  This knowledge of chakras brings powers that we have within us at a deeper level to improve the human experience.


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