Journey into Soul Empowerment

Excerpt Day 11:The soul thinks in its ignorance, by this powerful veil that is called Maya, that it is human.  Then it goes through the experiences, the varied experiences of survival, fight and flight as the psychologists say, instinct.  It goes through the whole experience of hormonal instincts, driven by planetary influences – because the planets influence the human system too – driven by the genetics of the human system.  It is a complete slave to planetary systems and their influence, to hormonal instincts and their influence, to lower brain activity in the human being, totally captured.  It goes through the human experience and begins to learn the hard way.  Then, when it is battered and tired, it begins to search: “Who am I?  Who am I?  Who am I?  Who am I?”  Then, as grace abounds in the Universe – seek and you shall find – when it begins to seek, when it begins to take the inward journey, then spiritual growth is possible.  Then the third chakra (which helps to master the first two) begins to wake up; the Manipura.  Then slowly the soul begins to develop power over the senses because it is so tired, it is so worn out in its pleasure seeking, that it begins to seek another kind of power.  The Manipura chakra begins to wake up and that begins the first journey into empowering itself as a soul in the human experience.  Fascinating is it not?


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