Energy Experiences on Spiritual Awakening

There are many energy experiences we will have on the journey, and that is a fascinating by itself. On spiritual awakening some people may have negative experiences while some people may have positive experiences. It depends on their level of consciousness, how aware they are, on experiences they have had from past lives and what they have been carrying with them in their soul Being. Based on all these experiences a person may begin to have different kinds of energy experiences or manifestations, on spiritual awakening.

These can happen at different levels: on the physical level, emotional level, mental level and  the spiritual level. You can have these manifestations taking place at different levels depending on where the person is in the consciousness.  Of course in spiritual awakening, one person might be drawn immediately into a very deep state of meditation.  Another person may begin to weep and feel all sorts of emotional trauma coming up, after a while these begin to disappear.  Some people may have very heavy physical experiences. It depends on where you are; it depends on what is required for you. And all of these will happen in an intelligent field governed by that Supreme Energy manifesting in you.

So, the Kundalini journey is a marvelous journey, a mystical journey and a journey that can take you to freedom.   Kundalini can make us truly well.  It can bring us to that place of true well-being.


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