Learn all we can, then find a Guide to learn more

This part speaks to my personal experience Excerpt Day 8: The most important qualification for you in experiencing is to have a very strong desire to know it and not just to know it intellectually but to experience it.  You need to want to experience that which is more than just human.  Do you have that desire? Do you have it strong enough that you don’t forget it?!  Do you have it strong enough that you don’t only want to know it in the privacy of your meditations, but you want to know it in your relationship and experiences with the world?  So your desire should be, “How can I feel this in my every waking moment?”  “How can I feel this in all my relationships?”  “How can I experience this to the fullest?”  If you carry this desire within you, you will find it.  The Universe is full of grace, once you seek, you will find.  The problem is we do not seek to that degree where we are able to find quickly.

The most powerful qualification is having a very strong desire to want to experience this.  Then, you need to learn everything about it that you possibly can!

  • What does it mean?
  • How have we become contracted?
  • What have we lost?
  • How can we find it back?  How does it feel when you find it back?
  • What are the difficulties on the journey that we need to look for?
  • What are the obstacles on the path as we begin to traverse?

We need to ask all these questions until we can have a clear understanding of where we are going, and then, we need a Guide.

The use of the Guide is to point the way. This is the next step; this is what you are going to see; this I what you can do. They point the way for you, and then you need to have the experience. They will lead the way. They are going to tell you what obstacles you are likely to find and how to surmount or overcome these obstacles.  More importantly, because the Guide knows the space, they have a special kind of confidence and presence that is compelling, commanding and infectious that we tend to be so inspired and uplifted by them that it helps us to experience this, faster.  We need Guides on the journey.  But we also need more than this.

Discipline of Practice

As a seeker we need to take the practices seriously.  If you don’t commit yourself to the discipline of practice you are going to find that you don’t achieve very much.  You need the discipline of practice.  When you establish yourself in the practice, day after day, you will begin to experience this space, even more quickly.


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